Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The witty second entry in bestseller Dodd’s Lost Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. The Barefoot Princess: The Lost Princesses #2 by [Dodd, Christina]. The Barefoot Princess (Lost Princesses, Book 2) [Christina Dodd] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Once upon a time in a kingdom high in. Once upon a time in a kingdom high in the Pyrenees, three young princesses were forced to flee the chaos in their land — vanishing without a trace and lost to .

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Life in exile has taught the passionate Princess Amy to hate injustice, and on the enchanting English isle of Summerwind, she finds inj Once upon a time Then he could have owned up to it, saying he had been free for days.

I also really enjoyed the secondary characters, which made The Barefoot Princess really come together for me. Description Properly behaved women seldom raise tempests. Return to Book Page. What a delicious tale!

Feb 22, Donna rated it liked it. I wasn’t real fond of his name either, like, was it pronounced like ‘german’ or was it baarefoot like ‘jare-men’, like chairman?

How could such a little revenge and blackmail go so passionately wrong? A maid-servant stood at the entrance, holding a glass on a tray, and at prinecss consenting nod, she approached, the tray outstretched. Half of my best guy friends are gay. Amy becomes too docile for my liking, and I missed her fire.

Did I mention the assassins who are after Princess Amy and her sisters? I hope my future husband says those words to me. He heard people calling, running …. Properly behaved women seldom raise tempests.


The Barefoot Princess (Lost Princesses, book 2) by Christina Dodd

Would you like to answer a book-related survey from Christina? I always kinda thought Amy was a more modern princezs like Tiffany or Britney. Then she controls mostly everything. He hated being an invalid, and he hated more being the center of cloying attention as he recovered.

Terjemahan buku ini sungguh membuat pusing, bahasa yang dipake agak aneh n sulit dicerna, bukan krn typo atau salah kalimat, cuma bahasa yang dipakai agak tidak pas dan terkesan kaku sehingga agak membuat sulit ketika awal2 membacanya. He placed his feet on the floor. A huge pair of princese boots stood planted in front of his nose.

What will happen when he finds out that she’s really a princess and not someone to just dally with? Cape Charade Full-length Suspense 2 Jan. Padahal sebelumnya orang tuanya selalu mengatakan mereka mencintainya dan ternyata semua hanya kebohongan, dan Jeremyn pun tumbuh menjadi seorang pemuda yg membenci cinta dan masa bodoh. You dress like a peasant. One that comes from reading hundreds of romance books. I kinda pictured her as a Betty White type. I’m looking forward to Prince Rainger’s hunt of the last sister.

After liking but not loving the first novel in this trilogy, I was a little hesitant in reading the second. The villagers on the isle have been neglected by their liege lord for many years, and they can’t take it anymore, and hence the plan to kidnap Jermyn. Jermyn was a jerk and equally childish at the very beginning.

The Barefoot Princess

Hero is damn annoying in the beginning, just as a warning… How can your thoughts progress like that? So when I found out he had kept mistresses I was disgusted and surprised. But this … this was more insidious, more …. I know it must be difficult to raise the gold required, but please, uncle, for my continued good health, it must be done!


This is however is minor in my opinion. He gets harder, and more erect, than he ever has with any other woman. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Such memories were evidently the fond recollections of a boyhood long vanished. I guess I wanted more. In her eyes he thought he glimpsed a flash of bitter resentment. Some of his comments were really annoying.

And why did she feel a warmth within her, a melting, a stretching of all that was instinctive and female? But now the author has her be shy. What really did it for me was the way Jermyn acted. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gee, I think love was supposed to come way before this.

He tried to slap the book shut.

Sial bagi Jermyn, pamannya yang memang sudah mengharapkan Jermyn untuk mati muda, tidak menghiraukan ancaman tersebut. The giant shook out a white canvas shroud. Amy yang sangat keras kepala tetapi baik hati, berusaha membantu penduduk pulau untuk mendapatkan uang untuk kebutuhan mereka, caranya?

Mass Market paper Upcoming! Especially with Victorine Sprott as a secondary player. None of those questions were addressed.