Joseph Bruchac. · Rating details · 8, ratings · 1, reviews. Throughout World War II, in the conflict fought against Japan, Navajo code talkers were a. But now Joseph Bruchac brings their stories to life for young adults through the tale of Ned Begay, a sixteen-year-old Navajo boy who becomes a code talker. Code Talkers by Joseph Bruchac. Code Talkers Code Talker is a novel narrated by a man named Ned Begay, describing the story behind the metals he.

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Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac | : Books

Along with my reaction I believe I would be neutral in recommending the book. Actually, I’d been remembering this book that I read as though it were jose;h memoir.

Bruchac was not as successful at that as he was at just presenting information. Nov 25, Pandora rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is brilliant. And yet there were no books available – it was more a paragraph or two tacked onto histories of World War II, which didn’t provide a sufficient amount joesph detail. Not Navaho, but Cherokee: But as far as a basic overview of Navajo experiences in the 20th century and their experiences during World War II?

The reader is allowed to gain his own sense of injustice our nation has inflicted upon its Native American population. Unfortunately, because this is the story a Navajo man is telling to his grandchildren, I feel like we miss some of the emotional resonance of his experiences in WWII.


We’ve all jossph these characters before. In this, Bruchac provides a substantial amount of fact set around a fictional character. However, as a novel, I would probably only give it 2 stars.

Code Talkers by Joseph Bruchac

It is a good way for me to learn history, as I tend to be turned off by traditional histories. Most of the factual, nonfiction parts of this book were awesome.

Yet their story remained classified for more than tw Throughout World War II, in the conflict fought against Japan, Navajo code talkers were a crucial part of the U.

Oct 28, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Also spot on though depressing is the main character’s return to civilian life, where he is thrown out of a bar that doesn’t serve Indians. Savannah Cochran – Code Talker 6 9 Jan 05, Mar 17, Pages Young Adult Buy.

Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two by Joseph Bruchac

There is a lot of action, many descriptions of battle scenes in the Pacific. Learning the Code I kept getting distracted and having to go read about the history that he describes! I would recommend the book only to those who are interested in war facts or someone who is interested in history. Did any apology or compensation ever happen jozeph the USA?

I learned something new today. The book sometimes seemed to have spots where it would get pretty boring or lose my interest. This is very clean. We rarely see acknowledgment that the disorder existed prior to modern warfare in histories or fictions, and clearly it must have. I recommend this book to people who like historical non-fiction AKA historyand everybody who enjoys reading.


Using a fictional character of a code talker this story tells of the invaluable contibution made by the Navajos who created an unbreakable code using their language. The Navajo language was used as a code in World War Two. However, when this moment arrived, it was, well, anti-climactic.

The Next Targets He has been a storyteller-in-residence for Native American organizations and schools throughout the continent, including the Institute of Alaska Native Arts and the Onondaga Nation School.

Jun 10, Jan Rice rated it it was amazing Shelves: Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac. Although he is only 16, he enlists in the Marines and starts a journey both wonderful and terrible.

Also by Joseph Bruchac. Although a bit dry and fact-driven, it was still a good read, delivering good information about a topic that has been continually overlooked.

I have never done anything the characters in the story have done.