[Mexico, September ] A dialogue between Conspiración Ácrata and comrade Gustavo Rodríguez. Click image to read pdf. Spanish original text here. PDF: Conspiración Acrata #21 – Publicacion Anarquista Insurreccional e Internacionalista (Mexico) · cover. The comrades of the editorial collective of this publication recently published the 21st issue of this publication, ‘Conspiracion Acrata,’ and can.

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Feel free to publish it on your pages. Felicity Ryder is conspiracipn by the authorities in the same case. This project was born during the month of March of as a medium for the diffusion of the insurrectional anarchist struggle.

Vlastos to escape from Korydallos prison. Being awake to the fact that the enemy finds and will find new ways to attack without dirtying their hands directly, since adrata has a wide range of devoted ass-kissers and vigilantes. In this absolutely beautiful path, we have the possibility of choice, our irreducible values, the lucidity to try to place ourselves one step ahead of the State and its lackeys. All will fall after the Free Man is born.

As the philosopher transforms his probe into a bomb!

The dictatorship in Argentina began with a military coup in which overthrew the Peronist government. We thank the comrades who helped us with the huge job of translation from Greek into Spanish, and the comrades who helped us in making the conversation with the imprisoned comrades possible.

But here we have a point and an aside, and we clarify that the ascension of Bergoglio, promoter of pedophilia and sycophant of the dead, only confirms us more in our path for absolute freedom.

PDF: Conspiración Acrata #21 – Publicacion Anarquista Insurreccional e Internacionalista (Mexico)

And society will fall. As the fisherman transforms his oar into a formidable ax. Comment Name Email Website. He is still awaiting trial. And forward, forward, forward. As the farmer transforms his fruitful spade into a war lance. It remains clear to us that neither isolation nor persecution nor their special prisons for anarchists such as they have in Italy will be able to put an end to this new current of anarchic action.


Download from Zine Library 75 MB.

What follows is a conversation between the imprisoned members of the CCF and a number of anarchists from Mexico. And our hatred laughs… Red laughter. We will not fall into the trap of those who want to cover up the background, and want us to look at the boat and not the sea.

clnspiracion Links to counter-information sites that are no longer active but hold valuable archives. This attitude or concept is or should be something normal within the anarchist movement but there are few companer s who have put it into practice for diverse reasons or strategies.

Conspiración Ácrata « Contra Info

For this reason we have to more than ever be at the height of this war which is fought with joy, but also with seriousness and responsibility, in many parts of the world with the weapons we believe necessary.

Includes a chronology of actions and communiques from anarchist groups in Mexico and internationally, an exchange between C. Plus, round-up of news: The hour has come to drown the enemy in blood… The hour has come to wash our minds in blood. We will expropriate laughing. Beneath the black edge of death we will conquer Life!

Forward, for the destruction of the lie and of the phantoms!

Conspiración Ácrata 8 (November-February 2010-2011)

A warm embrace, C. As the poet transforms his lyre into a dagger! Without repenting, proudly without turning back! We will destroy laughing.

And we will love it laughing! We hope you like it. All will fall after the free man is born. Over the last few years, Anarchist direct action has been expanding throughout Mexico, both in quantity and in force. Download, print and distribute! And we will make it our slave! A new version of the Spanish-language insurrectionary anarchist zine from Mexico is out now. Forward, forward, forward, oh joyful destroyers. Anyway, we have to see beyond the cross and the cassock to understand this new rearrangement of the orchestrators of social domestication.


Since the only serious people are those who know how to be actively engaged laughing. Solidarity greetings to all of them and to our comrades fonspiracion the CCF! During this time we have completed 8 editions, with this being the most recent. A few days ago, the security apparatus at the hand of the Italian State perpetrated a repressive raid against anarchist comrades and the Culmine blog, a raid carried out in various cities and towns of that country, resulting in 4 comrades arrested under accusations that are the most common accusations in Italy and under which many other comrades have been arrested and incarcerated in the past, in similar repressive raids.

The Pope and the church are all our enemy, wherever its leader may come from. The one is born who has learned the Dionysian art of joy and laughter through tears and sorrow. Celebrating Tripa in the streets again!

The government claimed the looting was incited by anarchists and other agitators. Cristina Kirchner is the current president of Argentina. Nor for that matter their traitors, their snitches, their collaborators, their drugs, or their police technology.

We have trust cospiracion ourselves and in our friends to acrqta able to open our steps out of the fear that is also reproduced in antagonist sectors, and to advance more, more, more in search of the true summit, of harmony, of freedom.