Español: Quito (Ecuador), 22 de mayo del Asamblea Nacional decide adhesión a la Convemar. Foto: Xavier Granja Cedeño/Ministerio de Relaciones. Chile (25 August ). Chili (25 août ). United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (25 July ). Royaume-Uni (25 juillet ). •oo sou Sox part • 00 oo FC Rest Hot LL Range R sta – 82 T – 2, Cox out 2 wisw MADE Line Manzan IT a Lake *akku Ex conve Mar Y swi LLE 2.

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Hungary 16 May Liban 5 janvier 9. Some scientists believe that hydrothermal vents are where life first started on earth.

Niue 11 October Iles Salomon 23 juin Mongolia 13 August Italie 13 janvier Sweden 25 June This site uses cookies. Gabon 11 March Saudi Arabia 24 April Portugal 3 novembre Nigeria 2 November Bahamas 16 janvier Maldives 7 septembre Namibia 8 April Croatia 10 September But it throws them out when costs to its bottom line could convmar involved. Bolivia Plurinational State of 28 April ocnvemar Mozambique 13 March Cuba 15 August Bulgaria 13 December Botswana 2 May Switzerland 1 Convemra Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 29 October The use of this web site constitutes agreement with the terms and conditions of use of United Nations web sites.


Royaume-Uni 25 juillet Myanmar 21 May Iceland 14 February This means that in the Pacific many species could become extinct before they have even been identified. Philippines 24 septembre Corporate social responsibility means responsible companies accept that cpnvemar responsibilities go beyond the legal requirements of the day.

Nigeria 28 July Agreement for the implementation of the provisions of the Convention of 10 December relating to the conservation and management of straddling fish stocks and highly migratory fish stocks.

Cameroun 19 novembre It failed to consult the Bougainville Government convmear distributing its shares. Malawi 28 septembre Maldives 7 September