FTA Satellite Source offers the best in Free to Air Support for your Coolsat Pro FTA Receiver. File downloads, keys, firmware, tutorials, nagra2 bins, etc are . SERVICE MANUAL. TROUBLE SHOOTING. Coolsat. 6. 3. TROUBLE SHOOTING . Exterior Test. Check the condition of install, joining of connectors, broken. Coolsat // Manual Coolsat Guides & Discussions.

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You can also change your other security settings, including password default The content on this website is here for educational and test purposes ONLY, use at your own risk.

Twin and Quad legacy lnbs using manuaal internal SW switches are now supported by Coolsat software. I would suggest preparing your list in a Channel Master project format and save it to your.

COOLSAT PRO Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Most satellites use a base address of but some satellites use a different base address. To do this- simply right-click any channel and select “Fill missing Channels”.

To Scroll the Guide preview window: In the present configuration for N2, we now see key lines 10 and 11 holding the 32 byte idea 0 key and key lines 20 and 21 holding the 32 byte Idea key 1. This is 400 fixed if you do a factory reset and reset your antenna settings to enable the software that automatically seeks an active transponder to check 400 on when setting up the Echo 7 satellite settings in the Dish Setting Window.

Since the release of the first modified bins, we have seen tremendous progress made in making the EPG for Coolsats better. Forums Calendar Mark Forums Read. First, delete all horizontal transponders by using the “yellow” delete button to get rid of non-functioning transponders. You will see the tool go through a series of processes of System Reset, Sending, Sending Ok and erasing the bin. If you know anyone is posting illegal files, please use “Contact US” button below to notify us and we will remove it right away.


Coolsat Pro FTA Support

Using the Sid Sort may cause a merge and duplicate channels when other satellites are present besides Dishnet and Bev. For DishproTwin Lnbs, set diseqc switch to 1. Do a factory reset: The scan will pick up converted transponders used by Dishpro Lnbs automatically for lnbs using the LOF of I again extend my thanks to all my fellow testers who have shared so generously with their conversations and postings of their knowledge furthering the notion that FTA is freeware.

As like the Dishpro lnbs, no external switch is required and a cable is ran direct from the lnb to the receiver. A prior work around has always been to delete transponder 1 off any custom channel list or to set your antenna settings as you think it should be and then enter the Motorized Dish setting in Installation and scroll to Echo 7 satellite and then scroll down to transponder and scroll up through transponders to verify signal for Echo 7.

The Coolsat has 8 categories or groups for saving favorite channels.

Exit out of the tool. New Channels locals or otherwise can be inserted manually. You will only need to locate the bin file where it is stored on your personal computer by clicking on the browse tab to open the Open Window.

Use a null modem cable and connect the two units. With the remote, enter the Manual Scan option for coolast W satellite and reviewed the transponders listed on the satellite by scrolling through the transponders shown in Frequency.


Hopefully they will get it together soon and release working files.

Reconnect lnb cable in and cable out to TV. The default cooosat list contains satellite names and transponder frequencies only and there is no channel data loaded in the default channel list.

Darlok has added to the features of using 44000 Channel Master Editing Program by preparing an all satellites template and guide that can be used with the program to make creating a custom list for the Coolsat a breeze and very simple to do.

Exit out of menu. To load the channel bin, open the tool and click on the Channels Tab to enter the channel load operation.

Coolsat 4000 program, coolsat key

Be sure to use coolsah Dishpro Channel List if using a custom channel list with this set 4000. Linkbox Files Only! You can click on the Auto Detect Button to maual Comm. Screens can be displayed showing up to 9 different screens beginning at the channel you are currently tuned to and will run upwards showing consecutive channels from the channel you are tuned to. How to find Favorites: The DP34 can be used in place of a 4×1 diseqc or the 4×1 in place of the DP34 switch with limitations already noted.

You can change the names with the use of your remote. The simplest explanation is the greater number of bytes used in the keys used for N2 as compared to the previous N1 keys.