Rear Window has ratings and 38 reviews. Kelly (and the Book Boar) said: Find all of my reviews at: did I not. Rear Window has ratings and 61 reviews. Bev said: This Rear Window collection of stories () by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from and. Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window” First-person narrator. Hal Jefferies tells the story of his discovering and solving a murder by watching out his rear window.

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The Story Of Who Owns ‘Rear Window’ Mirrors A Cornell Woolrich Tale

An usually active person, he has no interest in rea It was easy to read this in one day – because it is a short story! I guess this is why I’m not in charge of naming books.

This page was last edited on 29 Octoberat Love the movie; decided to read the story behind it. Hal Jeffries can’t seem to keep his nose out of his neighbors’ business and things start to unravel. Dec 22, Jennifer Lafferty rated it liked it Shelves: Corjell, the last bit of action woolrch resolution differ, but I appreciated Woolrich’s storytelling.

As a serious fan of anything Hitchcock I am ashamed not to have known!

Belle plume, sans fioriture mais sans feu d’artifice non plus. Want to Read saving….

For only being fourteen pages long, it really packed in the suspense and provided quite a full story to inspire the film. Get out of here you! Supreme Court in — Sandra Day O’Connor wrote the majority opinion; Antonin Scalia was a dissenter — sent shivers through Hollywood because it opened the door to copyright challenges by artists against studios. Cornell Woolrich is probably best known as the guy who wrote the story that became Rear Window and possibly, to a lesser extent, the guy who wrote The Phantom Lady.


Cornell Woolrich

And many have some very dark skeletons: At the beginning of Psycho we see a city at noon from a wide angle, then slowly, steadily, zoom into a bedroom where a couple are dressing after meeting for sex. Woolrich received his inspiration for the story from H. Story by Cornell Woolrich. Possibly this is partly because of the hot stifling weather which has Hal and most of them leaving their windows open. The observance of neighbors partying and dancing, dressing and drinking and doing nothing illegal doesn’t lead to a fast read, as it takes the voyeur and his binoculars a while to realize Like many I come to the story after being a long time fan of the film.

REAR WINDOW a short story by Cornell Woolrich by Jane Nickerson on Prezi

Nothing in this world makes me happier than a rainy night, warm P. He, the portly bald fil Truman Capote once said that all literature is gossip. It’s about that number beside your goddamn name!

Here’s a link to a free version of the story for anyone interested: I think this book was spoiled for me because the blurbs on the back that described each story gave me enough information to figure out the ending long before I actually got to it.

Cornell Woolrich – Wikipedia

Night Has a Thousand Eyes. Pretty good for a quick read. It was just ok really I’m not so enamored with his style but if there were other short stories Here is Rear Window, a great introduction to this not-so-simple prose writer, who very well may be one of t I have made an in-deph study of the works and life of Cornell Woolrich usually pronounced wool-rich but some pronounce in wool-rick in a more Germanic way since around and I think the only person who has taken a closer look, up to this point in time at least, is his property lawyer Francis M.


This film is a favourite of my sister and I. Seated in a chair by his rear window, Jeffries believes Story by Cornell Woolrich. This short story is not even close to the awesomeness of the movie.

Jeffries has no girlfriend doing his running about for him. Jan 11, Jaya rated it liked it Shelves: He cirnell when he thinks she should have just gotten home from work, but the apartment is dark. Without at all diluting the suspense, Hitchcock makes the story into a deeper work by providing the immobilized protagonist with his own conflicted emotional life and expanding the few hints the narrator provides about his other neighbors into separate dramas taking place in parallel with the central plot taken from Woolrich.

A detective novella which I thoroughly enjoyed. But she has competition from the man’s on-again, off-again first wife. Wells’ short story “Through a Window”.

They plan to take off in the middle of the dance hosted by her parents. The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece! Lyons simply says the focus is entirely on making this wollrich the best it can possibly be. Of course, since this was only fourteen pages, it was missing some of what made the film so much fun. Oct 31, Jess rated it liked it Shelves: An enterprising conrell helps the widow figure out where the stub is.