UNIT I THE MICROPROCESSOR. Microprocessor architecture- Addressing modes- Instruction set-Programming the Objective: To have an in. CS / CS42 / EC / CS / Micro Processors and Micro Controllers Complete Notes CSE,IT 4th Semester regulation EC Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lecture Notes All 5 Units – Free notes for Anna university 4TH sem Subject CS MICROPROCESSORS AND.

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Floppy disc, hard disc are some of the non-volatile devices secondary storage devices. What is the function of microprocessor in a system? Double handshake data transfer.

Give the functional blocks of Also, the bit is the fundamental storage unit of computer memory. The table gives the list of interrupts in the order of priority and with vector location. List the logical operations possible using ?

By using this device four peripherals can request DMA microprocexsor transfer simultaneously. Stack is a top down data structure where elements are accessed using a pointer microcontrroller.

How hardware interrupts are initiated? It is normally loaded into the accumulator as 7th bit. The coupling in such a system is very loose. Give the uses of mini computers. List out the signals of the microprocessor. Microprocessors and Microconhroller The maximum input clock frequency for is 2. The starting address is referred as interrupt vector or 3 interrupt pointer.



How many words of RAM available in the display controller of ? What are the names of general registers in ? Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Bit 2- 0V- overflow flag Bit cs252 reserved for future use Bit 0- P- parity flag Based on the type of operations involved the instruction sets are classified.

What are the two command words of A?

Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 4. What are the operating modes of port —A of ? What is the purpose of IC?

If a key code is generated immediately after sensing a key actuation, then the processor will generate the same key code a number of times. Generally two types of modulation techniques are used.

The external bus in is bit and that of is 8-bit. State the relation between the number of address pins and physical memory space. The interrupts nots IRQ input lines are handled by interrupt request register internally.

Microcontroller is nothing but a small range of microprocessor, which consists of input unit, output unit, microprocessog memory unit in a single chip.


It is compatible with 8-bit as well as bit processors. How can be programmed?

Anna University Chennai Cs – microprocessors and microcontrollers model question papers

This mode is used in subroutine to address an array on a stack. A flag is a flip-flop, which indicates some condition produced by the execution of an instruction or controls certain operations of EU.

Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering Chennai. Intel is a 8-bit microprocessor.

Bit set to 1 gives the accompanying interrupt a high prioritya 0 assigns low priority, interrupts with the highest priority can interrupt another interrupt with a lower priority; the lower priority interrupt continues after the higher is finished. The systems using these architectures are known as closely coupled system and loosely coupled system respectively. At the end of ISR, it restores the processor status and program control is transferred to main program.