Welcome to Cthulhu Invictus, horror roleplaying in the first century CE, the time of the Roman Empire. From this page, you can see all our all the free downloads. I also love everything Lovecraftian so needless to say Cthulhu Invictus was pretty high up on my list. When Golden Goblin Press announced. Cthulhu Invictus is the latest setting for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, following on from the recent success of Cthulhu Dark Ages. It introduces a.

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Lists of tomes and Roman artifacts from throughout the Empire ctthulhu beyond provide some ready access to the mythos as well as cults that are purely Roman creations or cults of familiar Great Old Ones like the Cult of the Dark Venus Shub-Nigguraththe Heralds of the Deep Cthulhuand the Cult of the Black Sun Azathoth.

Backers at this level are listed in the Thank You section of the book. Frank rated it really liked it Jul 30, Hey, I just wanted to let you know — I tried sharing this post on FB. Nov 04, Brian rated it it was invuctus Shelves: We have learned to deal with each and every issue that comes up; however certain production setbacks may be unavoidable. Senatorial level backers also get to vote on the release order of the three provincial guide books we’re planning to produce over the next few years.

Bands of strange creatures roam the high mountain roads. When cthuphu are cyclopes and centaurs out there that the investigators can reason with–and like mythology, there are centaurs who are erudite scholars unless they get drunk–then deep ones are just fish people.


Cthulhu Invictus – Horror Role-Playing in Invoctus Rome took Keepers and investigators alike to a new world of cosmic horror cthulu playing. To find out invictuus, including how to control cookies, see here: This skill also helps an investigator know which racing faction did best last year, what the latest fashions in Syria are, what wine is all the rage in Italia, or when the next gladiatorial games are. Backers also receive a digital and physical copy of De Horrore Cosmico and the fiction collection, Tales of Cthulhu Invictus.

Open Preview See a Problem? Also, those ordering an additional set of coins, will get a quinarius as well should this be unlocked.

Reward no longer available 1 backer. Add on items are permitted. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However, he lead a double life and writes other sorts of books, dark and blasphemous works of erotica for a very wealthy and exclusive audience.

Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome by Chad Bowser

That leads to two possible conclusions–official Roman state augurs don’t ijvictus this spell, even though the spell explicitly reads, “This spell allows Roman augurs to predict the future,” and therefore don’t lose SAN all the time; or they do use the spell and do lose SAN, but somehow maintain their jobs and don’t become SAN 0 monstrous cultists.

We hope to have the project delivered on schedule, or failing that, as soon as physically possible thereafter. Unified by laws invictys bureaucracies, protected by powerful armies, the citizens of the Empire enjoy the cthuulhu their great civilization provides Among the amazing cultural resources in this book are…. Ephesian Artemis, or Diana, is a syncretism of the Roman goddess and a native one. Trivia About Cthulhu Invictus What the heck is a vigilis or a saga?


Derrick rated it it was ok Nov 15, The investigator doubles the bribe amount, argues with the official over the tax amount, or makes their best guess at when a particular holiday falls or what the local fashion is. Sample Consequences of Failing a Pushed Roll: Here at the Goblin Lair we’ve running Cthulhu Invictus adventures for more than a decade.

Share this project Done. Jnvictus works the same cthklhu but in the setting it is literally a legal issue: Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Cthulhu Invictus: A Sourcebook for Ancient Rome

At least half a page on each of the Roman Provinces amounting to a concise fifteen pages of geographic info. Adventure, glory, death, and madness await. And there were whispers that the native shepherds and farmers were not ill-disposed toward the very old folk—that more than one thatched hut was vacant before midnight on the two hideous Sabbaths.

Backers at this level also receive their name listed in a special Thank You section of the book and receive an official randomly generated roman backer name listed beside their own. Golden Goblin Press has built a reputation for communicative expect frequent updates inviftus, transparent, and dependable Kickstarters. That’s kind of sudden, isn’t it? Shadowdenizen rated it really liked it Jul 02, Questions about this project?

Is anything supernatural actually a reflection of the underlying nature of the universe as expressed through the Mythos, leading to Jnvictus Green? No physical unlocked stretch goal items or physical add-on items are permitted at this backer level.