BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Dacryodes edulis is a medium-sized, evergreen tree attaining a height of. m in the forest but not exceeding 12 m in plantations. Abstract Dacryodes edulis is a dioecious, shade loving, evergreen tree, indigenous to the Gulf of Guinea and widely cultivated in other tropical parts of Africa for. PDF | Dacroydes edulis is a plant with many trado-therapeutic seeds are used traditionally as a remedy for stomach problems like.

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Dacryodes edulis – Wikipedia

An oil suitable for cosmetics and food can be extracted from the fruit, but this is not yet done commercially. However, no germplasm collections are known to be maintained.

The fruit is gathered in baskets and taken to market. A leaf-decoction is prepared as a vapour-bath for treating feverish stiffness with headache[ ].

Dacryodess, the plant showed no molluscicidal activity against Bulinus globosus Sofowora and Adewunmi, Agroforestry Today 8 2: Dacryodes comprises about 40 species, occurring in the American, Asian and African tropics. The use of Raphia hookeri and Pachylobus edulis in cosmetic formulation. Dacryodes edulis is a useful shade tree in coffee and cocoa plantations.


Citation in news articles. A wide range of chemical constituents such as terpenes, flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids and saponins have been isolated from the plant.

Dacryodes edulis flush and fruiting branch. It is grown from Sierra Leone to Angola along the Atlantic and further inland as far as Uganda; it has also been recorded in northern Zimbabwe.

Un arbre mal connu. African plum Dacryodes edulisChanges in their composition during ripening.

Manures are not used except when planting; pruning and crop protection are not practised. Essential oils of Dacryodes edulis G. Packaging should be well ventilated, e. The edible fruit, which bears high oil content, is a rich source of nutrients. Dacryodes edulis is a versatile plant in African ethnomedicine, as its various parts dacrjodes employed to treat several diseases.

There are citation in scholarly articles related to Dacryodes edulis G. La saga de l okoume au gabon. Abstract Dacryodes edulis is a dioecious, shade loving, evergreen tree, indigenous to the Gulf of Guinea and widely cultivated in other tropical parts of Africa for its fruit.


Comparative pharmacognostic and antimicrobial studies on leaves of two varieties of Heinsia crinita.

Dacryodes edulis

Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicine in Africa. Showing 0 of 0 comments. Le safoutier Dacryodes edulis G. A dipterous insect that mines the young leaves leads to continuous growth of the shoot because the leaflets drop before dacryodew mature.

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The seedling grows rhythmically, extending by flushes. Please view the copyright link for more information. In screening some Nigerian plants for antibacterial activitythe leaf extract demonstrated the best activity for which ethylgallate and quercitrin were identified as responsible Ajibesin, Tropical timbers of the world.

This antioxidant property was attributed to the presence of flavonoid in the plant. Evergreen forest[ ].