Brothers of the Snake is a novel by Dan Abnett composed of seven short stories featuring the Damocles Squad of the Iron Snakes Space Marine Chapter. Iron Snakes . in Know No Fear by Dan Abnett; the insignia of Damocles’ company, the 6th, is a white figure-eight serpent, similar to the Iron. Brothers of the Snake Type Novel Series Iron Snakes Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released June 26 Pages

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A common criticism of other books was that the marines shown there were often all too human, and lacked the more noted mental reshaping the lore stressed.

But he can be compelling in his dedication, his compassion and thoughtfulness. When they oblige, Antoni remarks aside to Priad that all Space Marines look the same to her. Each saga can be read independently and perhaps that was the intention when they were first written.

When your hero is a nigh-invulnerable god of war, there isn’t much room for drama. Also, there is lots of epic fighting and heroic sacrifice and dismemberment. Be the first to ask a question about Brothers of the Snake.

This is very evident within the first story, which is largely told through the eyes of an administrator on a semi-feudal world, and the surprising contrasts in technology there.

This list includes all Iron Snakes short stories that were first published as stand alone quick reads, e-shorts, novelettes, or are included in special edition releases or exclusive timed releases.

Dan Abnett finally tackles the core of the warhammer 40k universe the Adeptus Astartes – the genetic supermen of the Imperium. Nov 22, Davek rated it really liked it. There is a plot thread that ties everything together but it really is a series of stories following the progression of the Damocles squad of the Iron Snakes over a period of 10 years or so. While the nominal fighting strength of brotherz chapter or “fratery” as it is referred to by the Ot Snakes is kept at the Codex-approved 1, marines, the Iron Snakes do not appear to use the Codex’s Company structure, instead basing their organization around that of the simple marine squad.


They are sworn to protect a particular region of space and are called upon abbett fight their way through various enemies, defending the human inhabitants. This is due to the way in which the Iron Snakes field their new recruits.

Priad turns off the message midway, and says they have done nothing which they need to explain to anyone. Return to Book Page. Jan 29, Mick rated it really liked it Shelves: The remainder of the Orks were expunged, and the Reef Stars were judged greenskin-free for over a thousand years.

Brothers of the Snake (Novel)

While it’s not quite Training Day 40,it is somewhat along those lines and the story has less of an epic saga feel than most. They don’t usually make for good protagonists, though.

The actions scenes are great as always and really give a feeling of being in the chaos of battle. This Novel is pretty unique from other Novels I’m used to not just Warhammer, in general as, instead of the straight forward story, it’s told through I’ve been a fan of Warhammer 40, for a few years now and I’ve invested myself in the lore and have read several novels.


What I like the beothers is the way Marines were portrayed – more humanly then usual, using actual tactics to engage their enemies and training, training This is a collection of short stories that tie up very nicely. Apparently this is Abnett’s first book he wrote about Space Marines and from their perspective, and I have to say he does a good job coming up with his own Space Marine chapter, the Iron Snakes, who are very distinctive.

Recalling the black dog from his first mission on Baal Solock, Priad and Damocles leaves the main force and head to Baal Solock to uncover the mystery. The last arc seemed a little weak as a final note, but the main character Priad makes the journey interesting.

He then joins battle with Damocles squad after sensing they face great danger. Still, they don’t go falling in love or anything outrageous like that; there are limits. Steel armour with gold chest dna, white shoulder guards with red trim; company number is displayed on the left knee pad [3] [7].

Brothers of the Snake (Warhammer) by Dan Abnett

Newer Post Older Post Home. While the likes of the Excoriators are much more distinct and emphasise this point, Brothers of the Snake more subtly works it into the narrative. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Petrok and Priad have been having mysterious dreams tthe Priad, a set of jaws, and a black dog.