Composed of seven dark tales, A Tomb for Boris Davidovich presents variations on the theme of political and social self-destruction throughout Eastern Europe. Una tumba para Boris Davidovich (Siete Capítulos de una misma Historia) Danilo Kiš. Una tumba para Boris Davidovich. (Siete Capítulos de una misma Historia). Tumba Para Boris Davidovich, Una by Danilo Kis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Tumba Para Boris Davidovich, Una

The idea behind this was to eliminate dangerous people; these men [and women] had already proved that they were capable of working to remove a sovereign, and so it makes sense that Stalin would fear or mistrust them. Una obra breve e impresionante. As a comment on the politically motivated slaughters of the 20th century, this book is important; as a work of art of dazzling prose and historical investigation one of those books where fiction and fact are inseparablethis book is important; as a portrait of the cool cruelty to which lives are subjected and destroyed in the name of an ideology, this book is important; as a plaintive dirge to the necessity of free thought and its near-impossibility when confronted by the stark power of enforced, militarized conformitythis book is important.

The cruelest of ironies can come to the fore so, for example, in the story ‘The Magic Card Dealing’, Dr Taube – the man who is central to the story – is in a prison camp, but must operate on a man who once tortured him but who is now, himself, a prisoner.

Arrested on January 31, His mother took him and his older sister Danica to Hungary for the duration of the war. Kis vehicularizes the academic, faux-monograph C. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The madness of megalomania pervades the psychopathy of politics. Bravery and cowardice both show their face, though brave suffering tends to get more attention. I especially enjoyed the long section bogis card games in penal colonies. There is, however, no avoiding the mood of almost every moment, of almost every story, which a deep foreboding; an all pervasive, and unw justified paranoia.



A Tomb for Boris Davidovich

All that is engrossing stuff, but the real meat of the story is in his arrest and interrogation. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Dark and insightful, highly recommended. Those books were bound in leather, marked with numbers, and written by learned men; in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have found thousands of reasons why they should have killed me at once, and in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have also found the balm and cure for their hatred.

I told them not to rip them apart, for many books are not dangerous, only one is dangerous; I told them not to tear them apart, for the reading of many books brings wisdom, and the readin “Those books were bound in leather, marked with numbers, and written by learned men; in them, had they wanted to read them, they could have found thousands of reasons why they should have killed me at once, and in them, had they wanted to read them, they could also have found the balm and cure for their hatred.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Yet I find his vision thwarted by his own too-insistent referencing of the one writer or book. For me, it is this kind of thing that distinguishes great short story writers from ordinary or average ones.

We would automatically want to say no, and yet one would have to bear in mind that these people would, in all likelihood, be killed anyway. This book rewards close attention; parts that seem dry or overly factual contain a mess of emotions an No lyricism here, except for brief violent spurts; mostly just bone-dry irony, and when it hna to describing the slow march of Stalinism through the consciousness of Eastern Europe and beyond bone-dry irony is probably the preferred mode.

They get into you. There are so many similarities between them that it would be a challenge to catalogue them all Get to Kkis Us. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Darmolatov’s case was entered in all the latest pathology textbooks. I bkris each excepting, of course, Mandelsta If you think this is merely the stuff of historical nightmare, try to put in mind the current realities of Guantanamo, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, et al.


Everywhere versions of ‘truth’ are in conflict and the individual must always accept that their ‘truth’ is of no importance – may, in fact the basis for a death sentence – if it conflicts with the greater ‘truth’ of those with power. Kis himself was persecuted by the Yugoslavian literary machine when this was first published in in his own country.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. I won’t bother with the details now. Davidovch 28, Monica Carter rated it it was amazing. Take Verschoyle, and Irishman who ends up fighting for the Spanish Republic and the Revolution, only to be questioned for davidovcih that he whispered to a Soviet commander: With that in mind, I want to end with a quote from a man called Victor Serge, a real man, a real revolutionary, whose life seems as fabled and extraordinary as anyone in this book, and whose fate, by some accounts, was to be another Boris Davidovich.

You too; you’re invited.

Petersburg; higher education; no party affiliation; engineer of the Mosenergo company; lived in Moscow. An all you can eat buffet of atrocity. He was exploited by the bourgeoisie, and made to kill their lambs, and exploited by the Communists, and made to kill Hanna. View all 30 comments.

Tumba Para Boris Davidovich, Una : Danilo Kis :

Moreover, it forces Novsky to weigh up whether allowing people to die for him will ruin his reputation, will taint his biography, more than confessing would.

Habla de las diferencias insalvables, de las que se pueden ocultar, pero que siempre acaban cobrando la cuota. Novsky, which is only one of many aliases used by Boris Davidovich. In one of the most shocking scenes a man confesses to everything he is accused of in the belief that this will prevent his daughter from being murdered only to discover years later, at a labor camp, that she was killed on the day he was interrogated.

May 18, Jonfaith rated it it was danlo Shelves: