This Report of the Secretary-General’s Panel of Experts on Accountability in Sri Lanka” is also called the ‘Darusman report’ or ‘PoE report. Mr. Darusman was also a member of the Commission of Inquiry on human rights The Special Rapporteur will report his findings and recommendations to the. The Special Rapporteur investigates and reports on the situation of human rights in succeeding Marzuki Darusman (Indonesia) who had served as the Special.

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Sarath had a no nonsense approach to the conflict, and when the ICRC told him that firing was coming close to hospitals, his response was on the lines that the hospitals should no longer have been there, since they had been instructed to move.

Propaganda against Sri Lanka: The main opposition United National Party has echoed the prevailing critical note in Sri Daursman, calling the report an “unwarranted interference”, but it has blamed the government for creating “an environment that gave space for the compilation of such a report”.

Her husband returned the next morning to the village reporf dug through pits of bodies until he found the corpse of their son. One is that government was justified in whatever it did, because we were dealing with ruthless terrorists and therefore the ordinary laws could not be respected. He told me that the letter putting me on the negotiating team would be sent straight away, and added that he had spoken to Mohan Pieris, who chaired the Committee to implement the LLRC interim recommendations, and he had no objection to my appointment.

Sri Lankan Civil War. Archived from the original on 11 August The Panel observed that there were several other contemporary issues in Sri Lanka, which if left un-addressed, will deter efforts towards genuine accountability and may undermine prospects for durable peace in consequence.

Consistent with the international standards mentioned above, accountability necessarily includes the achievement of truth, justice, and reparations for victims.

Her son tried to save his sister and was attacked by the security forces.

It had systematically shelled hospitals daruzman the frontlines. We have numerous accounts of children and babies who were killed, boys arrested, and girls raped.

OHCHR | Special Rapporteur on Democratic People´s Republic of Korea

Screening for suspected LTTE took place without any transparency or external scrutiny. Is it true or false that the Paranagama Commission recommended a hybrid court similar to the Gambian Model to be implemented in Sri Lanka as suggested by the Government? The consequences to the country will be equally disastrous. I therefore duly got a fairly comprehensive list of duties. Sri Lanka needs to proceed towards an open society in which human rights are presented, a shift away from triumphalism, recognition of Sri Lanka ethnic diversity darusmn the full and inclusive citizenship of all its people, including Tamils.


Darusman Report | Rajiva Wijesinha

This entry was posted on Thursday, January 11th, Ministry of External Affairs. Perhaps the most controversial subject we have to deal with in trying to restore confidence in government is repotr of the violence and extra-judicial killings that have taken place.

Many fled the country immediately after, for fear of being further targeted by the military. The answer to this question is to be found in paragraph 22 page 8 of the OISL report which reads as follows: All those politicians you mentioned, Moon and the members of the D panel are political sluts and beggars, who sell their soles for a few votes and the fantastic perks they get from the UN.

It has been put together, according to the introduction, by three patriots who are also strong adherents of pluralism and the rule of law.

Most of the causalities were caused by government shelling. But it turned out to be a sick attempt by these three Musketeer- voyeurs in Halloween masks, and this book of fiction is nothing to get excited about and will no way win the Pulitzer Prize nor the Booker Prize.

This material can be looked at by the LLRC should it wish to do so, depending on its own assessment of the contents. The Mission has also heard testimony of men arbitrarily arrested and detained by the Myanmar military, often subjected to torture or ill-treatment because they were suspected of being affiliated to or supportive of an ethnic armed organization.

These operations further resulted in significant numbers of casualties among villagers. Eeport the end of his visit, the human rights expert will hold a press conference on 22 Januaryfrom International humanitarian law requires that the Myanmar military and all ethnic armed groups in Kachin and Shan states taking part in hostilities take all feasible precautions to protect civilians and geport objects under their control against the effects of attacks, and ensure safe access to humanitarian assistance for all those affected by the conflict.

Beyond the violence itself, we noted highly discriminatory policies and practices, including heavy restrictions on freedom of movement and their adverse consequences on a host of economic, social and cultural rights; widespread extortion; and the lack of citizenship of the majority of Rohingya, which increases their vulnerability.


There was aerial bombardment, long range artillery, and close range fire. I referred last week to the manner in which Chandrika and her cohorts were promoting Reconciliation.

In many of these cases, civilians have been at the receiving end of the violence. If it does not avail itself of this opportunity, the Fact-Finding Mission can only draw its own conclusions.

We have been able to proceed more deeply and broadly. Nor are the authorities allowing the international community to play a role in ensuring that the return is voluntary, safe and dignified — with respect for human rights.

It shelled in spite of its knowledge of the impact, provided by its own intelligence systems and through notification by the United Nations, the ICRC and others. They fled a crisis in Rakhine State that has longstanding roots and deepened significantly in Pia Hatch, daughter of two memorable stage stars of the seventies, Graham and Michelle Leembruggen, was delightful as an old lady not sure what buttons to push or how to deal with a Skype call.

A couple of years back, when I told the President to make better use of the professionals in the Ministry of External Affairs, he told me that their command of English was weak. The first is very simply that it comes far too late. The young man from our Embassy who had accompanied me to that meeting said the same proposition had been put to Nivard Cabraal. The truth lies in between, but government complicated matters by looking on the problem as part of a propaganda war, rather than one to be resolved by confidence building measures.

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The Tolstoyan imagery was pertinent with regard to the less polite approach of some Westerners, who put forward Sarath Fonseka reoprt the Presidency. It is a deliberate misreading of the Paranagama Report. For media inquiries related to other UN independent experts: Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The mother watched from the other end of the house and made the split second decision that that these two children would not live, but that she could perhaps still save her two younger children.

Two of daarusman have to do with the conflict period. This was denied on our proposed starting date.