Der T10 Lautsprecher kann als Line Array oder als Punktquellen-Lautsprecher eingesetzt werden. ✓ kann werkzeuglos gewechselt werden. Mehr erfahren. Discover the dbaudio T10 – A new generation. Looking to buy? For more information contact the team at SFL, Official d&b audiotechnik UK sales partners. d&b audiotechnik T10 Loudspeaker Package for sale in very good condition. See below for more information.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Motorola DP 2-Way Radio. T10 arrays using three cabinets can be configured using the T Cluster bracket along with a loudspeaker stand, mounted with the loudspeaker stand adapter or flown using the TV spigot with fixing plate.

An acoustic lens placed in front of the horn widens horizontal dispersion to degrees; rotation of the horn by 90 degrees relative to this produces an accurate point source dispersion f10 a vertically oriented T10 into a stand-alone full range loudspeaker with c&b horizontal and degree vertical directivity pattern.

CatchBox Pro Throw-able Microphone. Set to CUT, the T10 low frequency level is reduced. The chosen configuration will depend on the curvature of the array. Skip to the end of the d&bb gallery. Subscribe to Live Sound International magazine.

The T Flying bracket is designed to fit tightly around the loudspeaker to produce the minimum visual impact and can be fitted to a loudspeaker stand using the loudspeaker stand adapter or flown using the TV spigot with fixing plate. The T10 cabinet is constructed from polyurethane integral hard foam, incorporates integrated line array rigging hardware and has dd&b impact resistant finish.

d&b audiotechnik T10 Package

The HF driver is tt10 to a unique waveguide horn producing vertical line source directivity with a degree horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately Hz. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. T10 with D6 and D12 Selecting the T10 configuration in the D6 and D12 dual channel amplifiers enables up to four T10 loudspeakers to be driven by each channel.


The T-SUB cabinet is constructed from marine plywood with an impact resistant paint finish and a handle in the top panel. SK G3 Beltpack Transmitter. Microphone Stand Short Boom. The horn can easily be rotated from outside the loudspeaker without tools or removing the front grill, achieved through apertures in the cabinet sides allowing rotation to both the line and point source positions.

The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill backed by an acoustically transparent foam, and two EP5 or NL4 connectors wired in parallel are mounted on the rear panel.

HFC1 for distances between 25 m 80 ft and 50 m ftand HFC2 for distances further than 50 m ft. T100 EM Dual Receiver. The PS configuration is selected when the T10 is 1t0 as a single spherical loudspeaker. Microphone Stand Tall Boom. The loudspeakers are mechanically connected using rigging links on both sides of the cabinet front which slide out when needed, and with a central splay link at the rear of the cabinet.

Have something to say about this PSW content? T10 horn tt10 lens in line source setup T10 horn and lens in point source setup. T10 loudspeaker The T10 is a passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 6. Duracell Procell 9V Battery. It can be used to supplement the LF headroom of the T10 loudspeaker in various combinations, ground stacked or flown, either integrated on top of a T10 array or as a separate column.

T10 loudspeaker in point source orientation on a subwoofer, with D6 amplifier in dual channel mode. Headphone Amplifier 1 in 4 out.

Images : d&b audiotechnik T10

Sennheiser A Passive Directional Antenna. Apple Macbook Pro inc. Similarly the T Horizontal bracket enables d&v cabinets to be attached horizontally to trusses, walls or ceilings. The T10 can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source loudspeaker.

Soca 39 4 Way Panel – Tails. T Series Rigging For line source applications the T10 cabinets are mechanically connected to the T Flying frame and subsequent loudspeakers using the rigging links attached to both sides of the cabinet front and the central splay link at the rear of the cabinet.

For point source applications the T10 cabinet is fitted with six threaded inserts to accept a variety of rigging accessories for deployment in different configurations.


Tt10 the HFC High Frequency Compensation, Line t110 Arc setup only circuit compensates for loss of high frequency energy due to absorption in air when loudspeakers are used to cover far field listening positions.

T10 Loudspeaker by d&b audiotechnik for Sale | Apex Sound & Light Corporation

SenseDrive is only available using the D12 fitted with EP5 connectors and r10 5-wire cabling. The T-SUB subwoofer shares the same width and integrated rigging fittings as the T10 for deployment either flown at the top of a T10 array, in a separate column, or ground stacked. Pulse Powered Speaker Kit. The CPL X&b circuit compensates for coupling effects between the cabinets. Your email address will not be published.

Le Maitre Confetti Cartridge multi coloured or white. For acoustic adjustment the function Hz can be selected.

T10 – National Audio Systems

A combination of techniques is used; dipolar low frequency driver arrangements, low compression venting with high excursion drivers and a unique combination of a rotatable waveguide horn and acoustic lens. Round Base Microphone Stand. This roll off mimics the decline in frequency response experienced when listening to a system from a distance in y10 typically reverberant room or auditorium.

T-SUB cabinet dimensions in mm inch. The T subwoofer d&n also be attached to the T Flying frame either at the top of an array with subsequent T10 loudspeakers attached or as a column of T subwoofers.

The HFA provides a natural, balanced frequency response when a unit is placed close to listeners in near field or delay use. Polycom Soundstation 2 for up to 10 people. T10 line array as centre cluster and T10 in point source orientation as fills with D6 amplifiers. Chain Set — Z The HFC circuit has two different settings, which y10 only be used for those cabinets covering d&n following respective distances: The T10 can be used both as a line array and as a high directivity point source loudspeaker.