Diccionario De Retorica Y Poetica 8 has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. Title, Diccionario de retórica y poética. Author, Helena Beristáin. Edition, 8, reprint. Publisher, Porrúa, ISBN, , Length, Dictionary of Rhetoric and Poetry: Diccionario de Retorica and Poetica. Front Cover. Helena Beristain. French & European Publications, Incorporated, Jan 1.

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Reprinted from the “Manchester Quarterly” July-September, Once again I return to Estonia, that strange, seagirt country in which I have been deeply interested for many years. To-night I shall essay an appreciation of the work of an authoress, who, though a native of another, but related country, has chosen for the theme and background of her creations the country of her husband and the land of her adoption.

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[PDF] Beristain Helena Diccionario de Retorica Y Poetica p1 – Free Download PDF

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