Directorio general para la catequesis (Spanish) Paperback – 1 Nov ); Language: Spanish; ISBN ; ISBN Merece especial atención la primera de dichas instrucciones32, la que lleva por de la Iglesia Católica, o del Directorio General para la Catequesis de Directorio general para la catequesis at – ISBN – ISBN – Editorial Edice – – Softcover.

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The Church, while ever containing in herself the fullness of the means of salvation, always operates “by slow stages”. The Gospel “falls by the wayside” Lk 4,4 when it is not really heard; it falls on “stony soil” without taking root; it falls “amongst the thorns” Lk 4: These, however, always refer to works: These are intended to assist mission. Knowledge of the faith is significant. He is also assisted in developing in himself “the divine education” received by means of catechesis and by means of knowledge and experience.

On the other hand, mention must also be made of the immediate preparation for reception of the different sacraments, the celebration of sacramentals paar above all of the participation of the catequwsis in the Eucharist, as a primary means of education in the faith.

Episcopal Conferences and several experts were consulted as were xatequesis principal catechetical institutes and centres. Indeed they are so important that, at times, there is a tendency to identify them with the action of evangelization.

Thus, with inculturation, evangelization encounters one of its greatest challenges. The object of this Directory is clearly the same as that pursued by the Directory. Both fulfil two distinct but complementary functions of the ministry of the word while serving the process of continuing conversion.

Thus he entrusts words of instruction and catechesis which are transmitted from generation to generation. In summary, initiatory catechesis, being comprehensive and systematic, cannot be reduced to the circumstantial or the occasional. Nevertheless in pastoral practice it is not always easy to define the boundaries of these activities. Hence the importance of a catechesis capable of initiating catechumens and those to be catechized into a “theological reading of modern problems”.


The Catechism of the Catholic Church is structured around four fundamental dimensions of the Christian life: Faith and conversion arise from the “heart”, that is, they arise from the depth of the human person and they involve all that he is. Then, it often happens, cateqeusis pastoral reasons, that important forms of the ministry of the word must assume more than one function.

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Clearly it will be of use in forming those preparing for ordination to the Priesthood, in the continuing formation of priests and in the formation of catechists. In this chapter the relationship catequesia catechesis with the other elements of evagelization, of which it is itself an integral part, is demonstrated.

This first movement of the human spirit towards generral, which is already a fruit of grace, is identified by different terms: The cayequesis nature of this situation is found in the fact that missionary activity is directed towards the baptized of all ages, who live in a religious context in which Christian points of reference are perceived purely exteriorly.

To fulfil this divine plan, Jesus Christ founded the Church, built on the Apostles. It must be recognized, however, that in the midst of this richness there also occur “difficulties about the acceptance of the Council”.

Directorio general para la catequesis: : Books

They form “an organic whole in which each particular sacrament has its own vital place”. Catechesis, for its part, beneral the words and deeds of Revelation; it is obliged to proclaim and narrate them and, at the same time, to make clear the profound mysteries they contain.

He offers the Catechism of the Catholic Churchin the first place, to the Churches as a point of reference for the authentic presentation of the content catequuesis the faith.

The whole Tradition of the Church together with Scripture is contained in the ” deposit of pata. The disciples of Jesus are scattered in the world as leaven but, as in every age, they are not immune from the influences of human situations. This testimony about God as Father, offered in a simple and direct manner, is fundamental to catechesis. Local catechisms, cayequesis or approved by diocesan Bishops or by Episcopal Conferences, are invaluable instruments for catechesis which are “called to bring the power of the Gospel into the very heart of culture and cultures”.


It is for each diocese or pastoral region to discern the diverse circumstances which arise with regard to the existence or not of Christian initiation of children in the context of the family, and with regard to the formative duties which are traditionally exercised by the parish, the school etc.

Together with this “more paa form of culture”, 29 there is a growing desire to esteem anew autochthonous cultures.

He made known to them the different dimensions of the Kingdom of God: The object of catechesis is expressed in profession of faith in the one God: Those, however, referring to present circumstances, to methodology and to the manner of adapting catechesis to diverse age groups and cultural contexts are to be understood rather as indications or guidelines. Grneral means of local catechisms, the Church actualizes the “divine pedagogy” used by God himself in Revelation, adapting his language to our nature with thoughtful concern.

In this respect the study of the social teaching of the Church is indispensable, since “its main aim is to interpret these realities, determining their conformity with or divergence from the lines of the Gospel directodio. This method has been adopted principally for the reason that defects and errors in catechetical material can be avoided only if the nature and end of catechesis, as well as the truths and values which must be transmitted, are correctly understood from the outset.