DS90LVTMTC: DS90LV – V or 5V LVDS Driver/Receiver, Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb= DS 90 LV TMTC · DS90LVTMTCX: DS90LV to +85°C SOIC M-LVDS, full duplex, type 1. DS90LVTM/TMTC. 1. 1. LVDS. or 5. to +85°C SOIC, TSSOP DS92LVATM. 1. SOIC M-LVDS, full duplex, type 2. DS91DTM. 1. 1. M-LVDS. MHz. . to +85°C. SOIC M-LVDS, full duplex, type 1. DS90LVTM/TMTC. 1.

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Drives 10m twisted pair cable?

Zero volts on the receiver thresholds will always result in a logic LOW. Fractional-N PLL programmable up to 4th order? Choice of second reclocked output or low-jitter, differential, data-rate clock output? National leverages its high performance analog signal conditioning expertise to provide solutions that extend cable reach, reduce jitter and transmit ultra-clean video signals that meet or exceed speci?

Low 34 mA typ power consumption? Very low power down current? A complete evaluation kit reference design is available. Tmmtc Link SerDes n: Industrial Connectivity Made Easy. F Coaxial Cable 4. For more information, visit www.

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Two differential, reclocked outputs? Ss90lv048a integrated adjustable loop? Single and dual channel integrated 2: Single 27 MHz external crystal or reference clock input? SDV serializers, cable drivers, equalizers, reclockers, etc.


C industrial temperature range. Splitters and crosspoints create multiple copies of your clock or can be used for clock redundancy. CAT5e Length based on 0. Type 2 receivers have a built-in failsafe where the receiver threshold is offset by mV.

National has recently moved to 2-letter package code suf?

M-LVDS is optimized for multipoint including features critical to multipoint applications such tmt Available with type 1 and type 2 failsafe receiver thresholds The M-LVDS standard includes 2 types of receiver thresholds. Total maximum jitter 31 ps 1.

LVDS crosspoints, muxes, and buffers? Integrated termination saves board area, improves signal quality? DC-balance encoding for AC-coupled and optical interconnects? DS92LVA dual buffer or single 1: Common mode extended to DP reference design available DP xs90lv048a design available interface.

F Coaxial Cable 1. The diagram helps you to quickly? This evaluation kit can be reworked to accept non MHz, nonbit devices if necessary.

Very low phase noise and spurs? Serializes 24 bits at 5 to 43 MHz to Mbps? Signal conditioners pre-emphasis, equalization, etc. Low phase noise VCO with integrated tank inductor and programmable output power level?


Ethernet, UARTs, USB, and RS Page 1225 21 25 21 12 21, 26 Imaging Cable: The DS90UR deserializer requires no external clock reference, reducing receiver board complexity and cost.

Pre-emphasis or de-emphasis pre-distorts the output signal to compensate for the? Up to 10 dB improvement over next best monolithic competitor?


Available in 12 x 12 mm TQFP packaging? Also available 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 crosspoint switches as well as 1: Receiver automatically locks to any data pattern without external clock? Fast lock, cycle slip reduction with timeout xs90lv048a All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Tight 50 mV receiver thresholds add to noise margin?

In addition to providing a failsafe, type 2 receivers can be used in Wired-Or logic. The application example below highlights the elegant dual differential interface between the LMH reclocker and LMH dual cable driver.

Coax Length based on 0. National Semiconductor Corporation, September