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This might be due to the faulty coiling wire which go shorted inside the reed when the current is applied.

DSS41A05 SRC Devices | Ciiva

The DSS4 was developed several years ago and continues to be the relay of choice for hook switch applications in modems and general purpose applications. R3 resistor is to absorb the opto coupler leakage current, and to ensure N-ch gate pin is tie to gnd at all times. This circuit is a solid state relay interfacing a low digital voltage for controlling the Vac power supply to the AC device.

Some people say that the stick is long. Although there are a number of disadvantages, it is quite popular because of the ease of using it.

This concept is like what I understand from the teaching of Tao. The control signal is from a low current supply IC for example a microcontroller. Both are capable of switching loads up to 50 watts.

It uses more energy. Load coil current is typically 10mA for a 5V reed relay. Using a load across the solid state relay dataaheet help to dissipate the leakage current.

When your logic depends on positive voltage as a reference to switch on the transistor. For logic input 3V3 to 5V R5 can be about 1Kohm. The output contact of the relay might not work properly, and should be checked as well. This isolated output acts as a mean for electronic hardware to communicate without affecting another electronics system.


The first few cycle has come noise distorting the Vac 50Hz. A resistance too low for R1 will results in higher current, though likely to damage the transistor. The circuit figure 7 for inductive load consist of additional resistor and capacitor. Note that the oscilloscope reading is not Vp-p as expected. Relay can wear out and need replacement. When we want to read the voltage of the dss41q05, we are actually reading it with reference to another potential.

The coil being powered up, will generate a magnetic force that will attract the lever.

The MEMs relay has all the attractive properties found on various relay solution in the current market. Form Y is a normally close 1P1T double break switch. Circuit 1 vss41a05 my first attempt of using the datasehet to trigger the relay. I mean it applies to all the electronics devices, including even wires. Typical transistor circuit acting like a switch. This is almost the same as a mechanical relay.

Form X is similar to form A except that it has a double break contact.

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Dqtasheet lever will be pulled towards the magnetized coil, causing an action that will switch the mechanical contact. More information about using a transistor as a switching device, can be found in the later section ” Transistor “.

The component will starts to conduct at both end of the pin upon triggering the gate, and auto shutdown when the voltage at the conducting pin falls below a specific voltage. A useful and basic circuit interface. If no base resistor datsaheet present, the base current is so large that the transistor will be damaged. The circuit on the left illustrate a simple switch interface. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Notice that the fan is turn off and on instantly without making any noise or spark.


Typical textbook voltage is 0. But how long would you consider it as long. Comparing to another ground reference, the voltage might be V.

The operator will manually plunk in wire connector linking your home telephone to your buddy phone.

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We have to think of it as if it is a switch. History, old telephone exchange in New York City, during the year This diode has a name known as a flyback diode.

Q2 Veb is about 0.

Comparing to a reference point is the key. The SIL4 is the first of a series of new molded products ideally suited for use in high.

This can significantly reduce the noise on the power line. A electrical voltage will be applied to activate a coil in the relay. The switching could also produce unwanted mechanical glitches. On the switching side, you need to determine how much current will be flowing through the relay.

After some experience with the transistor, I finally become aware and understand that what the book is trying to say. This type of switch is more commonly in use. There are various mechanical switches around us.