The pink color comes from halophilic saltloving algae such as dunaliella salina producing carotenoids. Dunaliella salina is one of natures most nutrient dense. biotecnológica, en particular, Dunaliella salina es una de las más notables. propiedades para las industrias biotecnológica y biomédica. Por otro lado, se ha aislado un mutante del alga verde Dunaliella salina, usando EMS Las propiedades nutricionales y terapéuticas de los carotenoides han.

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Agricultural pesticide use is the highest of any industry, yet there is little research evaluating farmworkers’ understandings of the health risks chemical exposure poses. Histopathological studies confirmed the morphological and internal damages in Artemia. We found that only four amino acids glutamine, histidine, cysteine, and tryptophan rescue Dunaliella spp.

Marine Drugs, 9 5— Increasing concentrations of adenine and leucine, supplied to the cultures of Dunaliella seem to be without effect on the growth of the algae. Full Text Available The ecological and economical significances of macrophytes, inhabiting the Mediterranean Lagoon, Bardawilnorthern Sinai, Egypt, are still ambiguous, due to lack of knowledge. These kind of compounds are used as food and have a great industrial potential.

Four favorable areas have been outlined for the Chinle Formation.

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The alga Dunaliella with the natural US -carotine, as well as the alga Spirulina with the high content of protein find their market in the food- cosmetic- and pharma-industry. This article describes skin stem cells sources and their therapeutic applications.

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In both taxa, this pigment is primarily composed of the isomers 9-cis and all-trans. Full Text Available Abstract Background Biodiesel or ethanol derived from lipids or starch produced by microalgae may overcome many of the sustainability challenges previously ascribed to petroleum-based fuels and first generation plant-based biofuels.

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The growth of D. After a very short exposure time of three concentrations of TBT, 0.

In Washizu described a biochip designed to fuse two cells by electropermeabilisation of the cytoplasmic membrane [1].

Calculated EC50 48h value of ionic gold was In the present study, manipulation of carbon flux into fatty acid biosynthesis pathway dunzliella Dunaliella salina was achieved using pGH plasmid harboring AccD and ME genes to enhance lipid content and to improve produced biodiesel quality.

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LC Science Tracer Bullet. These results suggest that D. Stem cells contribute to innate healing and harbor a promising role for regenerative medicine.

In order to widen the use of the device to marine habitats and saline waters nine marine flagellates were evaluated as putative bioassay organisms, viz. Establishment of pdopiedades efficient genetic transformation method in Dunaliella tertiolecta mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 64, — It was not possible to calculate EC50 for 15 nm citrate eunaliella nanoparticles, as they were non-toxic at all concentrations tested. The formed aluminum hydroxide hydrates during discharging of battery were positively charged, which have a great potential for microalgae flocculation. However, the mechanisms through which it occurs in unicells, and the enzymes involved within the final response is still the subject of heated debate.


The bkt under the control of Dunaliella Rubisco smaller subunit promoter along with its transit peptide sequence was introduced into the alga through standardized Agrobacterium-mediated transformation procedure.

More evidence is needed Chlorella vulgaris is propiedadws representative of eukaryotic green microalgae with the highest chlorophyll content with the appearance in fresh water.

Dunaliella salina is a halotolerant green alga that is well known for its carotenoid producing capacity. Therefore, phytotoxins-tolerance mechanisms in D. Indian Journal of Biotechnology, 4 4— The bp-PCR amplicons were cloned and cbbL clone library was constructed and analyzed by sequencing.

Chlorophyceae aisladas de lagunas hipersalinas de Venezuela. Our investigations revealed that histidine is transported across the cell membrane, and that glutamine and cysteine are not transported. Full Text Available Nannochloropsis salina was grown on a mixture of standard growth media and pre-gasified industrial process water representing effluent ddunaliella a local biogas plant.