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The four also are charged with delivery and possession of a controlled substance. When Khoshaba arrived home, he was arrested.

George Taylor, 42, Zion, unlawful possession of drug equipment. Police ask participants to follow these guidelines: Sanchez, who drove Saliu’s cupageco to the drug sale, was sentenced to 10 years in prison June 4, Ecstasy, or MDMA, which causes euphoria and reduced inhibitions; PMA, which is more popular than Ecstasy and causes rapid pulse and elevated body temperature; methamphetamines, or meth, speed; and the old ’60s standby LSD, which causes hallucinations.

We have a job to do and we have to do it safely.

News – Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group

Police said the dos contained chemicals and other by-products of the drug manufacturing process. There were a total of firearms, plus the three 9mm handguns that undercover police purchased along with five boxes of ammunition. Mundelein Police Chief Raymond Rose said the operation attracted drug users and perhaps drug dealers from throughout the Chicago area and that police witnessed “hundreds” of drive-through deals.

Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Hoffman said Saliu is fluent in six languages and vacationed in Macedonia a little more than two weeks ago. Ecstasy affects brain serotonin levels, giving the user a feeling of peace, enhanced pleasure and emotional connection with others.

Mdns Gary Del Re called the operation “an excellent example of law enforcement agencies working together. Lake Zurich Police Chief William Urry noted the gift certificates and stuffed animals give gun owners an incentive to turn in their unwanted weapons during the program, rather than just turning them in for disposal at local police departments as some do.


The bill would bring ecstasy up to the same offense schedule as cocaine and heroin. Payouts increased with the number of people in the tournament. Although Van La said he is orv, Shanes said he has funds, including state money from drug stings which was traced to his bank account.

Nicholas Nave, 29, Wauconda, traffic. Just as his brother did earlier this month, Nicholas Fejer, 23, agreed to testify against the Aurora man accused of setting up and financing the May 4 deal. Guzman, his wife, Neisha Molina, 24, and his brother, Raul Guzman, 21, all of whom lived at 55 Shadow Lane, Mundelein, were arrested at the scene of the sale, as was Ricardo Sanchez, 26, of 21 N.

Click here for the News-Sun story. Tesch was arrested Probatoin.

Analysis | #totalhash

Phoxay has no prior convictions, but he has had prior arrests in Chicago and Cook County, Shanes said, and has forfeited bond and required bench warrants. The investigation was part of the State Police “Project X” initiative, a law enforcement program that targets drug dealers selling “club drugs” such as Ecstasy.

Minor, 25, of Zion, four counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance, three counts of unlawful possession, criminal drug conspiracy and unlawful delivery of marijuana.

Eupageco adding an addition because we don’t want to move,” she said. Patrick Stuart Skinner, 23, of Brainerd Ave. Fabian Guzman worked the 4 p. One person is being sought by police. Police report the incident began around 4: After arresting the Fejers, MEG agents waited until Daugherty arrived at the airport carrying keys to the hanger where the plane was parked and took him into custody. The two men were arrested outside a bar in the block of McHenry Road, police said.

Officers and drug-sniffing dogs were waiting when Fejer and his brother, Nicholas Fejer, 23, arrived. The request is high, I’ll set a reasonable bond. Cairus, 26, both face multiple charges after their Wednesday night arrests.

DuPage County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)

Resident Jerry Gagnon was happy to dispose of three guns. Cocaine remains the predominate drug in Lake County, but ecstasy is becoming more widely available, and is often sold by dealers who sell cocaine and other drugs, he said. But some, like those targeted in Friday’s sweep, are for more serious charges, such as drug violations. A woman at a house in North Chicago said the person being sought lived there at one time but no longer did.

  GPA 2172-96 PDF

Veterans brought in caliber pistols and orf revolvers. Mostoicz, 25, of Zion, attempted obstruction of justice. Members of a drug ring working at the restaurant stashed various quantities of cocaine in plastic bags near milk, condiments and coffee creamers in a small refrigerator in the drive-through window area, according to Mundelein police and the anti-drug Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

Monday when probatino were dispatched to a domestic incident in progress between a man and his parents in a residence in the block of Bonner Road, about a mile east of Route Shanes said Mattes is charged with multiple counts of manufacture of marijuana, possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana plants and unlawful use of a vupageco by a felon. Sheila Peasand, 39, Zion, unlawful possession of drug equipment.

Llanes hired others to drive the drugs — packaged in 26 plastic-wrapped “bricks” — from California to Illinois while Llanes flew here to complete the sale, Shanes said.

The Fejers departed from Lake Tahoe, Calif. Llanes, represented by attorney Probaton Stone, entered a negotiated guilty plea pdobation marijuana trafficking, a Super Class One offense. MEG supervisor Chad Mdm said most of the crop was well on its way to market. The warrant was served on the residence with the assistance duupageco Lindenhurst police about 6: Jones, 19, of Zion, wanted on warrant for driving with suspended license.

After meeting with the undercover agents, Saliu opened the glove box of his Ford Taurus and handed agents the brick of cocaine.