The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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Then the British and French withdrew, leaving Russia empie fight Turkey alone. Belgium was a full British ally before she was invaded. The modern era of world history can definitely be assumed to have had its inception with the end of the Napoleonic War because many of the problems now affecting the nations of Europe and the world in general arose out of the reconstruction of the map of the world as a result of that war. Although the Russian Emperor apparently was not in accord with this suppression of Russian liberty, its consequences eventually cost his life.

At that time Turkey included much of what is now Jugo-Slavia, Greece, Roumania, Bulgaria, and northern Africa up to Tunis and it was a potent threat to further British expansion in the Mohammedan East.

The following paragraphs are selected from Chapter II of this book: To the 1, square miles taken by Britain from Germany f the conclusion of World War I, there was added by purely Imperialistic aggression another incredible 1, square miles in the period from toyears in which Americans generally were under the impression that everything was peaceful and quiet except for the belligerent and snarling dictators of Europe and the purges of Russia.

The Egyptians rose against this seizure under empite leadership of their F Minister Arabi Pasha with the battle cry of “Egypt for the Egyptians. The American people now produce two thousand million dollars’ worth more than we can consume, and we have met the emergency; and by the providence of God, by the statesmanship of William McKinley, and by the valor of Roosevelt and his associates, we have our market in the Philippines, and we stand in the cify of eight hundred millions of people, with the Pacific as an American lake Among the hundreds of new works on this subject perhaps the most outstanding is “America’s Strategy in World Politics,” by Nicholas J.


The answer appears in the creed of America as defined by Thonas Jefferson “here we are not afraid to follow truth wherever it may lead, nor to tolerate any error so long as reason is left free to combat it. See note The wide latitude of action of the agents and servants of the CROWN and their remarkable immunity from the interference of English Courts and knut English law appears in the “Laws of England” of Lord Halsbury as apparent from a few selected passages as follows: Wilson’s promises of “New Orders” and “New Freedoms” to the subjects of the British Empire were all retracted and resulted in an immense wave of knuhh and revolution over a period of years following World War I.


The edition of the Encyclopedia Americana Vol. Lists with This Book. Thus the pact of the Pacific was extended to the Atlantic and our partnership in the British Balance of Power asserted in no uncertain terms.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

It is because this overproduction goes back to stagnation and poverty. He called attention to this man but nothing was done for him. Its interference in the American Civil War now faced it with an angry and resentful America possessed of the world’s greatest army and a powerful navy of the new and terrible ironclads, demanding redress for heavy damages due to British lend-lease to the Confederacy.

In this campaign she defeated the Khan of Khiva in the spring ofthe Turkomans in the fall ofand the Khan of Khokand in the summer of The move of Bismarck to place a German ruler on the throne of Spain was summarily challenged by France and the name of the German candidate, Prince Leopold of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, was withdrawn within about ten days by July 12, Global capital flows through its control, and it has even been called recently the “money laundering capital of the world.

The theory of the Balance of Power was revived, every diplomatic conference was made a conflict between France and Great Britain on the one side and Germany on the other, and in the lives and the wealth of the British people were endangered, not to maintain any moral principle or any British interest, but to promote the material interests of French financiers in Morocco, page As Winston Churchill ingenuously assured the American people: The interest gleaned from the consorts since is probably near the sum of 4 quadrillion dollars.

It was done contrary to pledges solemnly given in the House of Commons. That country may have been animated by some desire to destroy our commerce, or to appropriate our Colonies.

Publishers approached have been reluctant to undertake it, and several stated that there would be little demand for a serious work of this kind, as the American public is not interested in that kind of reading matter.

This has given rise to the highly accurate moniker of ‘banksterism’ to describe this international system of corruption and extortion, the scale of ciity makes even the most successful ‘mob’ operations to look amateur. With the African difficulties settled perhaps for one hundred years the scene flashed to the “Middle-East.

Adams is fully supported by the authoritative “Laws of England” of the Lord of Halsbury, massive work of many huge volumes, and by the specific statements and writings of David Starr Jordan, late president of Stanford Lnuth, Gladstone, David Lloyd George, J.

There was, however, no more free speech; and the most amazing documented aspects of a vast secret world order of International Finance could find no hearing in a situation where some Congressmen denounced overwhelming Nationalist expression of views in their mail as mere organized subversion.

  1746 - HSCE 2 PDF

The Berlin to Bagdad Railroad in general involved only an extension of about nine hundred miles to existing railroads, it was located entirely in Turkey and was being built with the full consent of that country. It is held as a market in which to buy cheap and sell dear, and as a place in which younger sons and needy relations can amass fortunes to be subsequently enjoyed in England. The inevitable consequence of our diplomacy was to give German Jingoism an irresistible argument for the increase of the German Fleet.

An alliance with France is bad only in so far as it is turned into a combination against Germany. To move away from the temptation to view this similarity as a reflection of the cyclic nature of history, observing the geopolitical similarities in a more linear fashion, the impression which emerges is one of a drawn out plan of political hegemony, enacted in a ‘long game’ through the past to the present, with a consistent ideological foe in mind.

Rengo of Japan was obliged to pay a territorial “Franchise” fee, plus a service fee for news furnished. The effect of this was to create a type of “League of Nations;” which, while not in itself an entity, nevertheless ruled by the will of the majority. Francesco rated it really liked it Dec 26, The Empire Of “The City”: Ben marked it as to-read Jul 28, The book’s existence, despite being rather occulted, tye an important understanding of the geopolitical situation of today, and if nothing else, demonstrates that history can appear largely cyclical, as much of the geo-strategic landscape in the build up to World War One and World War Two, mirrors current areas of conflict on the globe today.

E.C. Knuth (Author of The Empire of the City)

Its weakness is the weakness inherent in a system which has developed with the smallest amount of legislative control Admiral von Diederichs questioned the American action, which was his prerogative according to the then still tacitly accepted International agreements or International Law w promulgated by the Concert of Europe.

The giant oriental dynasty of the House of Sassoon, opium traders from Bagdad, became affiliated by intermarriages with both the French and English branches of the European colossus of international finance, the House of Rothschild; the first of which occurred in Cox knyth Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were buried in a landslide so deep it seemed that the Internationalist control of America should have been citj forever.

So, along with the peace arrangements we find the beginnings of the “definite plan of international cooperation in the financing of foreign enterprises,” advanced by Pres. Wilson’s forgetfulness in the matter of this treaty when he testified August 19,he knew nothing of these treaties as a whole.