Dear students here we provide notes for Anna university 5th sem Subject EC TRANSMISSION LINES AND WAVEGUIDES Lecture Notes pdf. you can . ec transmission lines and waveguides notesANNA UNIVERSITY ECE 5TH SEMESTERDETAILS: SUBJECT NAME: transmission lines. Imp Ec – Transmission Lines and Waveguides – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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ECQB TLW | jayapradeepa S –

A quater wave line may be considered as an impendence inverter because it can transform a low impendence in to ahigh impendence and vice versa. Derive the equation for transfer impedance? Define the term insertion loss The insertion loss of a line or network is defined as the number of nepers or decibels by which the current in the load is changed by the insertion. What is the dominant mode for rectangular resonator?

EC Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

What are the methods used for constructing a resonator? Explain in details about the reflection on a line not terminated in its characteristic wavevuides Z0? What is the dominant mode for the TE waves in the rectangular waveguide? What is the drawback of using ordinary telephone cables? Transmission Lines – University of Surrey.


What is an infinite line? The dominant mode for a circular waveguide is defined as the lowest order mode having the lowest root wavefuides. The coaxial lines are either opened or shunted at the end sections thus confining the electromagnetic energy within the section and acts as the resonant circuit having a natural resonant frequency.

What are the difficulties in single stub matching? Why circular waveguides are not preferred over rectangular waveguides? When a medium is ljnes to be free- space.

Prove that the velocity of propagation?

The input impendence of eighth wave line terminated in a pure resistance Rr. What is the nature and value of Z0 for the dissipation less line? What is an evanescent mode? Derive the TE wave components in circular wave guides using Bessel functions? The applications of the smith chart are, i It is used to find the input impendence and input admittance of the line.

A shorted stub also has a lower loss of energy due to radiation ,since the short. Explain about reflection loss?

The internal inductance is zero. The quality factor Q is a measure of frequency selectivity of the resonator. Mention the dominant modes in rectangular and circular waveguides For a rectangular waveguide,the dominant mode is TE01 For a circular gransmission dominant mode is TE11 Derive the expression for the input impedance of the dissipation less line and the expression for the input impedance of a quarter wave line.


EC2305 Transmission Lines and Wave guides QUESTION PAPER

What are degenerate modes in a rectangular waveguide? Explain about degenerate mode in rectangular wave guide? What are guided waves? State the assumptions for the analysis of the performance of the radio frequency line.

What are nodes and antinodes on a line? At very high frequencies transmission line resonator waveguodes not give very high quality factor Q due to skin effect and radiation loss. The electromagnetic energy is confined within this metallic enclosure and they acts as resonant circuits. An important application of the quarter wave matching sectionis to a couple a transmission line to a resistive load such as an antenna.

Determine wave length and load impedance. Why TEM mode is not possible in a rectangular waveguide? The ratio of the maximum to minimum magnitudes of voltage or current on a line having standing waves called standing waves ratio.