Rudras are forms and followers of the god Rudra-Shiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon. They are at times identified with the. ekadasarudra, ekadasa rudra, 11rudras, Shiva, Siva, Rudra, rudram, However the 11 Rudras worshipped in the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja is the most. These are the 11 forms of Rudra and their mantras. These mantras are very very effective when chanted during the stationary (Stambha) period.

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It is said that there are as many as seventy-five references to Rudra in the Rig-Veda Samhita.

Ekadasa Rudra (11 Rudra Avatars)

Vishnudharmottara states that Mahadeva should be have a moon like complexion and seated on a bull. Else, you may treat this blog as a hint or a place to commence your pursuit; and to improvise your creations eadasa on the few details given here and in the resources I referred to.

The lower right hand gestures protection abhaya and the left bestowing the boon varada. He prays to Rudra: Some of them were white and gentle; while others were dark and fierce. The Rig Veda and the Krishna Yajur Veda [8] makes the Rudras the gods of the middle world, situated between earth and heaven i. These are the Rudras. Shatarudriya hymns celebrates Rudra in his eleven forms as: When they move the mountains tremble and trees fall RV 1.

I trust you may not have much difficulty in following the text.

Ekadasa Rudra | sreenivasarao’s blogs

He is not purely benefic like other Rig Vedic gods, but he is not malevolent either. In the meanwhile please keep talking Warm Regards.


You can work-back the size and power of the Dwvrapala, staring from the elephant. Sadyojata earthVamadeva waterAghora fire and Tatpurusha wind should be shown as his four faces; and Isana sky should be his fifth face.

He rides a camel representing delusion. Complexion resembling blue-lotus; reddish eyebrows; three eyes of yellow tinge; fierce face with sharp tusks; all ornaments including sacred-thread made of snakes; garland of scorpions; band of skulls kapala mala round the matted hair yellow in colour done like a crown; eight arms —the hands on the right holding trident, battle axe, sword and cudgel; while the left hands hold khatvangaskull cup, shield and noose.

Rudra, in Rig-Veda, is a god of the storm, the wind, and the hunt.

Rudras – Wikipedia

Some have tried to present these numbers in graphic form. They govern the second ritual of sacrifice, the mid-day offering and the second stage of life — from the 24th to the 68 year of life. The Satapatha Brahmana mentions that Rudra is the prince, while Rudras are his subjects.

The Iconographic details of the Rudras as provided in the various texts are not uniform.

That is Rudram 11 times and Chamakam once: There are other peculiar and complicated patterns of the recitation of Rudra-Prashna and the Chamakam. There are various versions of the origin of Rudra, etymology of the term, types of Rudras, their names, attributes and their iconographic representations. Dear Sreenivasarao, Thank you very much for reply. Thank you for asking. He is three eyed and two armed; the hands gesturing protection and boons; and carrying a book and ekadasz rosary.


Another text Amsumad-bheda-agama states that all Rudras are to be represented as standing in a well balanced posture samapada-sthanaka on a lotus pedestal, bedecked with ornaments and flowers; four armed and three eyed; with matted hair done as a crown. They are to be shown as fair complexioned; draped in white garments. Writing this article has been a sort of education to me.

The Ramayana tells they are eleven of the 33 children of the sage Kashyapa and his wife Aditirudda with the 12 Adityas8 Vasus and 2 Ashvinsconstituting the Thirty-three gods.

And, in many cases they are incomplete too. While the Vamana Purana describes Rudras as the sons of Kashyapa and Aditi, Maruts are described distinct from the Rudras as 49 sons of Ditisister-wife of Aditi and attendants of Indra.

But, the Shilpa architecture texts do contain descriptions of the Dwarapalas. Each small square is symmetric with crossed lines forming triangles.

The Rig Veda speaks of them as twenty-one RV 1. Thank you so much for giving us so much about ‘Rudra’. I am Russian, living in France, and English is not my mother language, so i need some time to read it. Shatarudriya hymns celebrates Rudra in his eleven forms as: The term also means a bull as in Bhabru-vahana. It needs a rather lengthy explanation.