The Monster of Florence is the name commonly used by the media in Italy for a series of eight . The book The Monster of Florence: A True Story by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi casts doubts on the culpability of Pacciani as Il Mostro. El monstruo de Florencia: una historia real by Douglas J. Preston; Mario Spezi at – ISBN – ISBN Libros de segunda mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Terror, Misterio y PolicĂ­aco: El monstruo de florencia douglas preston con mario spezi.

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But I worry for that American college student in Perugia an honor student from Seattle who’s accused of murdering her British roommate after reading the duplicitous nature of Perugia public prosecutor and his reliance on the occult to get murder charges against innocent people. Read it yourself and get drawn into the web of deceit, murder, mutilation, vengeance, and corruption.

He sees the weakensses of the official stories and he is quick to puncture them. Psychological profiles conflicted and stories kept falling through as the Monster continued to terrorize Florence, taking over a dozen victims.


Jun 18, Claudia rated it really liked it Shelves: The deranged inspector Mignini is using the same wildly inaccurate postulate about satanic ritual and sexual orgies being the motivation in that murder that he used in the unrelated Monster case and by which he scandalized dozens of innocent residents, all of whom should sue him for defamation of character.

Who was this ed that plagued Florence for so many years and then seemed to disappear? It is a miracle they survived childhood intact. The result is a frustrated city full of people in need of sexual release. They keep lists in their heads of every negative thing that has ever happened to them.

If one were to hear the tale of the Monster of Florence without being first told that it was a true story, it would seem to flkrencia all of the elements of a work of fiction. Florence will never be the same for Douglas Preston. View all 31 comments. If they had been doing it for ratings or vengeance, it would have been sane but they actually believed this stuff!


Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The crusaders of truth do not win here and neither do our questions get resolved but this is definitely a great thriller. My boyfriend is better than your boyfriend: Or, if you’re a reader of Preston’s fiction, you may wish to give this one a go. The Monster of Florence Italian: At the end of a fictional novel, the killer would have been unmasked and good will have triumphed over evil.

This book is stunning in it’s storytelling and the ability it has to draw you into it’s web of lies, clues, and false confessions. It was shocking but it didn’t end up being as outrageous and unbelievable as the police work and legal drama that followed as decade after decade, trial after trial, people used the Monster for their own political gain.

Preston meets and befriends Spezi, ultimately becoming engrossed in the Monster Killings himself.

He does the same here, only this time there is no happy ending in sight. David Rice This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [Doug and Spezi mentioned in the book who the killer probably is, even asking the killer to show them the knife he used.

The first half of the book reads like a stra The Dark Side of Italy or An Innocent Abroad Douglas Preston and co-author Mario Spezi undertook their own investigation into an unsolved string of serial killings — seven couples brutally murdered in near-identical fashion in a period beginning in and stretching up to It’s also a deeply bitter Oh this was fascinating, frustrating, and even rage-making in places.

While it is so maddening to see what Giuttari and Mignini have done to the case of the Monster, that is only a brief part of the rl. The result is this book, a fascinating tale about both the serial killer and the culture around Florence at the time. Despite these issues, Monster of Florence is well worth reading. Afterwards their conversation is dominated with debunking what Preston calls a credible theory that they were guilty.


Mario Spezi the Florentine reporter who spent decades hunting a Monster, and kept the pressure on the police mlnstruo to his detriment.

Corrupt Perugia may never let her go even though she is surely innocent. The Monster of Florence, the man, not the book, was a partial inspiration for parts of Hannibal by Thomas Dl. Cheap things like this are especially irksome in the face of such a horrifying story. This is a harrowing section, as Preston goes from fairly confident we Americans are, it seems, programmed to assume the innocent will be freed to the gradual realization that he could, indeed, end up in jail on the slimmest of evidence.

It is through Spezi’s eyes that the first half of the book is told — though there are many forays into the numerous major criminal investigations undertaken by the Italian crime units.

Martin’s Press, a polymath by the name of Lincoln Child.

The Monster of Florence

The only reason I rated i What a freaking ride. He and Spezi even offer up their own ideas about who the killer was, and certainly convinced me that, in the end, the Florentine police abandoned a line of inquiry too soon that would have yielded the identity of one of the most notorious serial killers in world history. Notable events in his early life included the loss of a fingertip at the age of three to a bicycle; the loss of his two front teeth to his brother Richard’s fist; and various broken bones, also incurred in dust-ups with Richard.