Electrolux | EWH-SL/SLN | User’s Manual | Electrolux EWH-SL/SLN User’s Manual WALL MOUNTING PROCEDURE Hot water 6 Safety valve 1 50 cm Use 4. accumulator water heater, electric, kW nominal power, volume 50 l, heating water to +70° c dimensions Wxhxd: xx mm, weight 25 kg. Manufacturer: Electrolux, Model: EWH-SL/SLN, Type of document: User manual, Category: Water Heater, Number of pages: 4.

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The deluxe and super deluxe models incorporate double power rating features and a switch for power setting changes: Budget models, as a rule, have no frills, such as electronic control, digital or liquid crystal display and so on.

After a successful purchase of an wlectrolux one should find a moment and get to know with every part of an instruction. Such merchandise is available in: The heaters installation procedure is totally straightforward and only requires that Low Voltage Electronic Regulations are met. According to some publications, it is his products that have been leading the sales for several years. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have sent to you.

It has a temperature controller thermostatan operation indicator and a power switch.


Electrolux EWH-SL/SLN User’s Manual |

Coating of tank walls with fine-dispersed enamel performs protective functions against leaks, formation of cracks and corrosion. Hot water supply to a private house. Open the shutoff cock as soon as the heater has been installed.

If the Central will give you more than 3 kg pressure,it will spit you over on the floor. The drain of the safety valve must not be blocked. But they are, after all, need to sell! Compare Water heaters from Hotcomfort In stock.

Water heaters Ukraine

Prices for storage water heaters start from the mark of rubles. People who are limited in means can purchase a classic model with mechanical control. By submitting a question, you confirm your agreement with user agreement. The manufacturer has provided two types of installation: The control panel is located on the front side. To activate, use the link in the E-mail that we have ewn to you.

Plug into the mains and press the main power input switch. Also, their use in the boiler minimizes the possibility of accidental electric shock.

Coating of inner walls – fine glass enamel. Obligatory field is not filled. The shape of the case is flat rectangular.

Electrolux EWH 50 SL

The thermostat re-connects the heating element after a certain amount of water has been used. Thanks to the heating elements X-heat, you can forget about the scale. Installation and first operation of the storage heater and the fittings have to be done by an expert ewb can take the responsibility for properly done work and explains the handling procedures. It’s very good, because your sk elements are not in contact directly with water and they are not formed the scale.


Usually it results from the lack of time and certainty about functionalities of purchased items. There are three main criteria that will help make the right choice:.

The loud name of the brand, of course, affects the cost, but it electrklux justified by the quality. Lately animated manuals and instructional videos are quite popular among customers. It is necessary to periodically or to change, or to check the response.

Draining pipe for the safety valve 4. Also due to the presence of dry heaters there is no need for annual maintenance.

And one more important criterion is the manufacturer.