This guidance shall be published in Volume 9 of The rules .. ANNEX I – VEDDRA list of Clinical Terms (EMEA/CVMP/ /Final). in consultation with the European Medicines Agency (EMEA – “the Agency”) Structure of Volume 9A Part I deals with Guidelines for. Flag of European Union portal · Other countries · Atlas · v · t · e. EudraLex is the collection of rules and regulations governing medicinal products in the European Union. Contents. 1 Volumes; 2 Directives; 3 See also; 4 References; 5 External links. Volumes[edit]. EudraLex consists of 10 volumes: Volume 9 – Pharmacovigilance.

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The services they offer are being continuously refined. Preparing a PSUR is where external service providers come into their own. This should smea to document the fact that future Marketing Authorisation Holders have an effective safety system for their e,ea products in place, or —if they have not already done so— are able to establish such a system. In short, the QPPV is responsible for ensuring that the PV system in the company conforms to current statutory regulations and is practised in full.

In any 9w, the costs of an inspection shall be borne by the pharmaceutical company. It is imperative that tasks and interfaces are clearly defined.

It should include names, locations and internal contact details of the parts of the company which are responsible for PV, as well as a brief description of the vvolume conducted there. At any rate, the advantage of outsourcing is continued quality assurance by engaging the services of highly specialised, experienced PV teams.

Conclusion External service providers and consultants may be involved in virtually any pharmacovigilance process.

It is particularly important to define the responsibilities. There is no uniform approach between regulatory authorities, regarding the scheme of the DDPS. In that case, however, the DDPS or the accompanying SOPs should contain notes explaining the procedures for the systematic processing and documentation of adverse drug reactions and how they are reported.


The PV system, of course, also includes storage of the compiled documents. Specialised service providers can often respond to changes in the law more quickly, offering suitably adapted solutions soon afterwards. The aim is to handle and store data in such a way that it cannot be lost or falsified and to enable changes to be traced audit trail. Experienced service providers can provide these companies with assistance in implementing a PV system which meets requirements, including documentation.

Alternatively, traditional paper-based recording can also be used in businesses which experience few reports of adverse drug reactions. If there are errors in the DDPS or if it is not submitted at all, an approval application will be rejected for formal reasons.

However, where scope for improvement is discovered, this can rarely be incorporated at short notice into an existing system without causing some disruption to the smooth running of the system, ahead of official inspections.

SOPs are binding global records used by a company to define the specific functions and tasks of all employees, as well as standardised processes. Supporting documentation can be added to the DDPS, confirming that the PV system emmea in correct working order and, if relevant, providing information about changes or revisions to the voluje.

Product-specific additions, such as the exchange of safety-related data with a licensing partner, should be illustrated in an appendix.

Designing Efficient Pharmacovigilance Systems

volue The DDPS should show where and how this is done, and, if relevant, indicate the name and address of the service provider commissioned to do this. Golume must be kept of the initial and further training of the personnel who are assigned PV activities.

Paradoxically, this frequently affects those pharmaceutical companies which have a low-risk product portfolio and which, therefore, have had to contend less intensively with the problems, formal and otherwise, of pharmaceutical safety.

In the event of leave, illness or time off, an acting QPPV must be designated in writing.


Eudralex – Pharmacovigilance for Medical Products Volume 9a

At the same time, the EudraLex Volume 9A empowers the competent federal authority to conduct pharmacovigilance inspections in order to check the practice and content of the implemented system on site. At the same time, the law also permits companies to avail of the services of external service providers for pharmacovigilance PV. Qualified Person Responsible for Pharmacovigilance The Marketing Authorisation Holder is responsible for the safety of its products and must undertake to commission a Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance QPPV to monitor the safety of medicinal products and to provide this person with the requisite resources to do so.

How is compliance with the timescale regulated? Experienced service providers with an “unbiased view” may identify scope for improvement more quickly. A flow chart should be generated for the DDPS, showing the central processing steps within the company for an incoming report of a suspected adverse drug reaction cf. Therefore, the SOP’s description of the interfaces between the sources and the processors of PV-related data is particularly important when service providers are engaged on multiple levels.

The DDPS also contains a description of the organisational structure. The QPPV must, for instance, maintain an overview of safety profiles and precautions for the medicinal products or implement them in the first instance. Does the service provider also undertake the research of literature?

Guidelines Regulations – GMP Navigator

We use cookies to improve the user experience. Databases The pharmaceutical company should maintain a system, normally a validated database, for ensuring that any adverse drug reactions reported to the pharmaceutical company can be recorded, classified and, voluke necessary, retrieved worldwide.

Administrative information application form Eudralex Volume 2B Module 1: