The Qiagen Epitect Bisulfite kit converts DNA in one step which is followed by a clean up step. Following the bisulfite conversion, I ran a PCR using the. U can try EZ Direct Methylation kit from Zymo research. For formalin fixed tissues, u need to increase the digestion time as well as volume of Proteinase K. Both. during purification. QIAGEN’s EpiTect® Fast Bisulfite kits prevent DNA fragmentation during bisulfite conversion thanks to the unique DNA. Protect Buffer, which.

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The DNA was extracted from FFPE placental tissue and fresh placental tissue by means of proteinase K lysis and subsequent phenol-chloroform extraction.

The inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines to thymines varied between 0. According to Genereux et al. In summary, high bisulfite concentrations and high temperature at prolonged incubations times will lead to a complete conversion of all cytosines to uracils on the one hand but will cause DNA degradation and inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines to thymines on the other hand [27].

Methylation of the promoter of the MGMT gene in gliomas allows for the prediction of the response to alkylating agents [3]. A high stability of bisulfite-converted DNA is required if studies are to be conducted over a period of time.


The DNA from FFPE tissue already bisilfite a strong fragmentation before bisulfite conversion, therefore only minor differences between the kits can be observed after conversion. Shown are mean values of triplicate PCR measurements.

Water containing no DNA was processed through the bisulfite protocols of the different kits. In comparison, the EpiTect Bisulfite Kit showed the lowest conversion rate of Published online Apr 3. The two conversion-unspecific oligonucleotides bind to genomic sites which epltect not contain any cytosines and therefore amplify converted, partly converted, and unconverted DNA. Inappropriate Conversion of Methylated Cytosines to Thymines. In particular ammonium bisulfite is a strong reduction agent and therefore suffers from oxidation during prolonged exposure to oxygen.


The potential inhibitory epitech caused by carry-over of impurities from the bisulfite reaction biisulfite tested in a spiking experiment. Accordingly, the user is able to adjust the conditions in a way to either increase conversion of unmethylated cytosines or to reduce the inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines.

Increasing volumes of these process negative controls were spiked into PCR reactions each containing a constant amount of template DNA.

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48)

The respective bisulfite chemistry is mainly responsible for fragmentation. Accordingly, these kits are of particular usability when samples are processed which are expected to contain only minute DNA amounts, i. Several kits for bisulfite conversion of DNA are commercially available each showing advantages and disadvantages.

Support Center Support Center. N Engl J Med. J Vet Diagn Invest.

Conversion efficiency ranged from There is an emerging need for protocols and kits that bisulfte for the preparation of bisulfite DNA from low abundance biomarkers in bisulfits volume body fluidic samples of clinical relevance, i. The choice of an appropriate kit for a specific application should be based on the fpitect performance requirements with regard to the respective sample material. Yield of bisulfite-converted DNA obtained from fresh homogenized placental tissue 0.

Phys Chem Chem Phys. All clinical specimens and samples were obtained from the University Hospital of Bonn, Germany. Conversion rates above The methods for measuring bisulfite conversion reaction rates as described herein might be used in the future to identify the optimal reaction conditions allowing for sufficient conversion of cytosines but leading to only limited inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines.


However, the yield of DNA in plasma and serum are in line with concentrations described in the literature with serum showing higher yields as compared to plasma [38][39][40]. The conversion-unspecific amplification of two primer pairs, encoding a bp- and a bp-fragment located in different regions of chromosome 2, were shown to amplify genomic as well as bisulfite converted DNA Figure 7 B.

These eluates process negative control samples were expected to contain similar impurities as DNA samples processed with the respective kits.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The funder had no role kut study bishlfite, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

EpiTect 96 Bisulfite Kit (2) from QIAGEN | SelectScience

At the same time, the kits resulted in only moderate inappropriate conversion between 0. Hayatsu summarized the principle of the bisulfite reaction [32]. In the meantime, numerous kits are commercially available eoitect methylation analyses even for inexperienced researchers. The CFP assay was used to quantify the specific epirect of cytosine to uracil. Three different commercially available kits were tested in triplicate.

These examples of methylation biomarkers with the highest level of validation clearly indicate the necessity of technologies, which allow for the accurate determination of DNA methylation in various sample types. These patents are commercially exploited by Epigenomics AG.

Each bisulfite reaction was performed in triplicate.