Updated 09/24/ Revised 07/13/ ELECTRONIC PERSONNEL SECURITY QUESTIONNAIRE SF86 WORKSHEET This document is meant to be a. Form: SF86 – GSA: GSA Forms Library. Find a Form Search by Form number, name or keywords. Top Forms · GSA Forms · Standard Forms · Optional Forms. EPSQ SF86 Worksheet: This document is meant to be a detailed “Check List” in preparation for completing the SF86 on the Electronic Personnel Security.

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Did you miss a week? Back editions of the Wheelhouse Weekly are available in the section. Please e-mail your resume if eepsq to Richard Plant, Director of Special Projects at rplant bridgedeck. Rather, they should save the data or file on their hard drive or as a hard copy. The company, upon offering the mariner a job requiring secret clearance, will give them the login name and password to complete the on line e-Qip forms security clearance software presently being used by the government.

Obtaining the required data in advance will better prepare the mariner to fill in the sv86 when needed saving valuable time and effort.

It takes between hours to fill out the forms with all of the information available. For further info or to submit comments, contact Dave Boatner at dboatner bridgedeck. The text of the letter follows:. They are struggling to stay afloat, with many vessel and operational problems and yet they refuse to hire our experienced workers. Have you had enough? Our efforts to resolve our differences peacefully were met with arrogance and indifference to the plights of our members who are without jobs and health and welfare right now.

Have you had enough, yet? We will come aorksheet on Sunday, Oct. San Francisco is a union town and we will not go away, until Hornblower does the right thing and hires esq workers — now! We hope to see you there at Pier The new vessels will each have reefer slots to fill a growing requirement in all Horizon Lines markets. Protecting our homeland requires protecting our seaports. Our seaports are a gateway to commerce, a source of opportunity, and a provider of jobs.

Standard Form 86

We worked with Congress to pass the Maritime Transportation Security Act, which required American ports and vessels to adopt strict new security measures. We made worksjeet use of intelligence to screen cargo and target suspicious containers for inspection.

We worked with foreign partners to improve their security procedures. And with the bill I sign today, we renew a clear commitment: We will work tirelessly to keep our nation safe and our ports open for business. First, the SAFE Port Act will strengthen physical security measures at our ports by helping us harness the power of technology.

The bill authorizes the development of 21st century inspection workheet, so that Customs agents can check inside cargo containers for dangerous materials without having to open them. The bill also requires radiation detection technology at our 22 busiest ports by the end of next year. America has the best technology in the world, and with this bill we will apply that technology to make our ports the safest in the world.

Security Clearance Application SFpdf – DocDroid

The bill codifies into law the Container Dpsq Initiative, which we launched in Through this initiative, we have deployed American inspectors to dozens of foreign ports on five continents where they are screening cargo before it leaves for our country.


Under this partnership, private shippers agree to improve their own security measures, and in return, they can receive benefits including expedited workshfet through our ports. And the bill provides additional authority for the Domestic Nuclear Detection Sf6, which we established to guard against the threat of terrorists smuggling a nuclear device into our country. This bill makes clear that the federal government has the authority to clear waterways, identify cleanup equipment, and reestablish the flow of commerce following a terrorist attack.

The tanker was proceeding outbound after discharging its cargo of crude oil in Portland.

Security Clearance Application SF86.pdf

The collision occurred in a driving rain in four-to-five foot seas. One person was injured on the trawler, which received extensive damage to her bow. She was escorted under her own power back into port by a USCG vessel. The extent of damages to theDWT tanker, operated by Teekay Shipping and registered in the Bahamas, is still not known as she is continuing her voyage to Russia.

No pollution was reported as a result of the collision, which remains under investigation. The Coast Guard is adding three more meetings to its previously announced meeting schedule to discuss the establishment of permanent safety zones in the Great Lakes for live gunnery training exercises. All meetings are open to the public. Comments and materials that are related to this issue must reach the Docket Management Facility before October 20th. If you are unable to attend, you may submit comments to the Docket Management Facility by November 13th.

Comments and related material can be sent by fax to the Docket Management Facility at or electronically through the Web site for the Docket Management System at http: In a final rule effective on Oct.

The Commission concluded that there is no compelling justification for adopting domestic AIS equipment certification standards that diverge from the international standards.

In support of this conclusion, the Commission noted that any such departure from the international standards would delay AIS deployment in the US, discourage voluntary AIS carriage, and create other problems, including difficulties in AIS coordination with maritime authorities of other nations.

The designated VHF maritime channels are effective November 13, For further info contact: Nelson took over the responsibilities of the Acting Deputy Maritime Administrator on May 1, upon the resignation of John Jamian and before the confirmation of Sean Connaughton as Maritime Administrator. Nelson joined the agency as Chief Counsel in August Nelson has extensive experience in the Maritime Industry and Admiralty Law, which gives her a solid understanding of the work done within the Maritime Administration.

She was on active and reserve duty with the Navy from to The USCG encourages you to submit comments. The comment period ends November 27th. Comments should include the specific section of the proposed NVIC to which each comment applies, as well as the reason for each comment. Include your name and address with your comments and submit them using one epwq the following methods: Follow the instructions on the Web site. Beginning in February, in order to sit for the Management upper level deck exam, candidates will be required to take 10 to 12 weeks of training courses.

As worosheet Februarymariners wishing to raise their license from Third to Second will have to take the combined Third and Second exam.

More specifics will be known after I receive the information from them. Tuesday, November 7th, is Election Day. People across the country will have the opportunity to vote for their representatives and, in 33 states, for their senators. This is an opportunity for all of us who care wf86 the US Merchant Marine to make a decision that will affect our future and help determine whether our country maintains a US-flag shipping industry.


This is our opportunity to vote for wofksheet jobs, to protect our economic interests and to promote a stronger, larger and more competitive US-flag Merchant Marine. Please review the candidate recommendation page.

We can elect candidates who will fight by our side for a stronger US-flag Merchant Marine. Go to today to view our Candidate Recommendations. All SOCP meetings are open to the general public. SOCP works with the support of Maritime Administration MARAD and various industry, labor, and government organizations to address common challenges and identify new solutions for improvements in ship operations.

For more info, visit the SOCP website at http: Between now and the end of Decemberseats are available in the following courses:. See the PMI Web site at www. High quality with embroidered PMI logo. Navy or Khaki Hats: Cobalt Blue Ceramic Mug: The MSC Contract calls for all training certificates required for manning of these vessels to be no older than 5 years and that all STCW courses be renewed every 5 years, or annually, as applicable.

Members interested in applying for one of the positions onboard the T-AGS vessels are advised to make sure your certificates are up to date. Members interested in employment on the T-AGS ships are asked to provide a page resume.

Please list the desired position you are seeking along with the certificates of training you possess and their dates. Upon receipt it will be forwarded to Horizon Lines and a confirmation sent back to the member. Vessel turnover commenced Oct. Positions for all ratings remain open.

Send resumes in an email or as a Word file attachment to him at: Linthicum Heights, MD You must have an Internet connection and a Windows-based computer to retrieve the application and run the program. You will be required to enter your Social Security Number and wodksheet case-sensitive password.

Horizon Lines requests all mariners seeking employment aboard the T-AGS Oceanographic vessels to take their MSC Physical at specially-designated facilities only after being advised to woorksheet so by the Company. This is to assure that all requirements of the MSC Physical are properly met. Drive away in a new or used vehicle for a standard loan rate of:. Standard loan rates for longer-term loans are:. You can lower your loan rate even more — by 0.

Are you paying a higher rate on your current vehicle loan at another institution? What is a preferred borrower? By doing this you save workshedt — first, your deposit works wormsheet you by earning our regular dividend savings rate, and second, you save money by reducing the interest rate on your loan by 0. As a result, individuals who are currently taking the drug have been asked to contact their health care professionals to discuss discontinuing use of Vioxx and possible alternative treatments.

Orders that had already been processed and were in transit could not be stopped. Members can also call following toll free number for information: NMHC mail ef86 finally gotten their website upgraded and functioning properly.