Why does epydoc render one of my epytext-formatted docstrings as plaintext? How can I exclude a specific object from the generated documentation?. The epytext markup language is used by epydoc to parse docstrings and create In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not . Epydoc can automatically generate a variety of graphs, including class tress, package trees, uml class graphs, and import graphs. These graphs may be.

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How to generate pdf with epydoc? The following example illustrates a simple ordered list. If the first contained block is a paragraph, it may appear on the same line as the field tag, separated from the field tag by one or more spaces. Source code or a Python identifier.

These options may be repeated to further increase or decrease verbosity. This is a list item. Paragraphs must be left justified i. For eoydoc complete list epyodc the symbols that are currently supported, see the reference documentation for epytext.

See the What’s New page for details. Epydoc automatically creates an index of term definitions for the API documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

A new interpreted text role NAME will be added. Epytext is a lightweight markup language for Python docstrings.


Don’t document the given object s Various bug fixes. To generate the default stylesheet, simply run epydoc on a small module. Characters in a docstring that are not involved in markup are called content characters.

The tag is venerate case-insensitive word that indicates what kind of documentation is given by the field. Plaintext docstrings are rendered verbatim preserving whitespace.

Using Epydoc

Any line generatw begins with a field tag followed by a space or newline is considered a field. Whitespace within URL targets is ignored.

However, you do need to escape curly braces when: Basic Inline Markup Epytext defines four types of inline markup that specify how text should be displayed: Ask a new question This option may be used multiple times, if you wish to use multiple configuration files. On Windows, this script is named epydoc. A matching pair of curly braces is only interpreted as inline markup if the left brace is immediately preceeded by a capital letter. If the current module is contained in a package, then epydoc will also try importing the module name from all packages containing the current module.

In particular, the following docstring generates an error, since the sublist is not separated from the paragraph in its parent list item by indentation:.

Epydoc: Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, three styles are supported. Corpus, Corpora “”” def example: You can compare this function definition with the API documentation generated by epydoc.


If no module is specified, and the directive is used in a module’s docstring, then that module’s import graph will be displayed. Graph generation requires the Graphviz package [ download ].

The white CSS style is used; inheritance elydoc displayed using the listed style; and all graphs are included in the output. Fields can contain paragraphs, lists, literal blocks, and doctest blocks.

Epydoc: What’s New

This page explains how to use and navigate the webpage produced by epydoc. Graphs are generated using the Graphviz “dot” executable. Each docstring markup langauge marks fields differently. If you wish to keep up on the latest developments, you can also get epydoc from the subversion repository.

Epydoc creates a CSS stylesheet epydoc. Packages are expanded to include all sub-modules and sub-packages.

In this case they refer to constructor parameters. The available graph types are: This is another ordered list item. A type field was used to specify the type for a parameter that is not included in the function’s signature.