Euroster 11Z controller Electronic, programmable thermostat designed for. Euroster 11Z Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Euroster 11Z User Manual. E 11Z controller, Euroster 11Z controller, Vásároljon a gyártótól. Akár 5 év garancia. Hatékony és hosszútávú, azaz költségkímélő fűtés, meleg víz ellátás.

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Euroster 11Z controller

The controller prevents boiler condensation, maintains a constant temperature of water in the tank. I accept the privacy policy I agree to receive news and promotions Subscribe.

If tank temperature falls down, tank loading pump will be switched off. CH and DHW pumps independently. Newsletter If you’d like to eurotser notified of our latest promotions, sign up for our newsletter! The controller switches off central heating pump if temperature of the heating boiler falls below a predefined value.

Temperature correction – boiler.

The controller is equipped with an innovative module for optimization of the heating curve for comfort and energy savings. The tests are finished in the laboratory with 1 bar differential pressure just the valve itself: Products Information Terms of purchase. Designed for control of heating zone with a 3 or 4-way valve. Wireless, daily room thermostat for all types of heating and air-conditioning devices.


If tank temperature falls down, tank loading pump will be switched off. The scald protection function stops automatically the hot water running if the cold water of necessary mixing is not enough. Animated presentation of furnace condition only serves eurkster purposes – it does not influence controller operation.

Electronic DHW tank with exchanger. Wireless, weekly room thermostat for all types of heating and air-conditioning devices.

Electronic, programmable thermostat designed for control of both: Fix the controller on a wall and other support with the use of two screws rawbolts with screws come with the regulatorAttach the cables lead out eutoster the controller to the wall with the use of grips. Compact and up-to-date, the new series offers functions similar to those of the bigger sizes DN25 and DN Celsius heating system Pellet-fueled boilers Celsius Wood industrial boilers Wood- and pellet-fueled boilers Wood- and coal-fueled boilers Accessories.

Euroster 11Z controller

Wired, daily room thermostat fed with V 50 Hz voltage for all types of heating and air-conditioning devices. E11Z controller is equipped with two temperature sensors and AntiStop function with a possibility to turn a DHW priority on.

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High performance adjustable thermostatic diverting valves. UNI2 is a multi-functional controller designed for control of a heating system equipped with two CH circuits with mixing valves e. Products Information Terms of purchase. DN20 Kvs 4,0, the regulator in third position: High efficiency synchronous pre-wired circulating pump for the models that include it.

Control of package is with own controller DHW tank package content: Moreover, the controller protects the tank against cooling down in case of low temperature or fire extinction.

Maximum static pressure 10bar PN10dinamic 5bar Maximum ratio between the pressures: To control a central heating system mixing valve actuator and circulation pump. The Online Architecture and Design Eurosted. Some types may be ordered with the auxilliary electric heating or added with heating units from the accessories section. Universal temperature controller, used to control the operation of CH boiler and other elements of the heating installation.

Professional advisement Important informations Warranty extension and boiler registration Celsius installers and installing eugoster Mechanics Resellers Customer review Customer service Discounts FAQ.

Its material is yellow brass. Customer service 65 15