Rohinton Mistry’s enthralling novel is at once a domestic drama and an intently observed portrait of present-day Bombay in all its vitality and corruption. Warm, humane, tender and bittersweet are not the words one would expect to describe a novel that portrays a society where the government is. A quarter of the way through Family Matters, Yezad divides the Indian authors who write about Partition into two camps. On the one hand are.

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It definitely showed the effects and strain on everyone in the family and even when things are somewhat resolved these effects still linger. And evolution is another big topic: The setting is Bombay, mids.

July 7, July 26, Jason.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

His return to his faith perhaps betrays a guilty conscience as it seems to give him a sense of peace that he is seeking. Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry. So in a fit of meanness they send their step father to Roxanne. These are the individuals who bring cruelty and harshness into their family life, in this case, using religion to stifle and smother the natural bouyancy of everyone else.

Family Matters

Yet another masterpiece from Mr. The preposterous stubbornness of arranged marriages, the segregation of religious identities, stigmatism of step-parental aspects and the eternal financial instabilities mesh into a burdensome desperation of graphic cunningness.

I found I really couldn’t judge any of them harshly — but there were times I wished a character made a different choice than they did. Please try again later. His observations kissed the earthy tones of daily life and mistfy their cells to shine a little.


She and Jal load Nariman into an ambulance and take him over to Roxana’s tiny flat. The politically fouled air and terror among the people affecting the faamily of Yezad and Mr. Nariman’s dreams are of Lucy, the non-Parsi woman whom he loved but was prohibited from marrying by the orthodoxy roohinton his family.

All days would remain the same if not for an act of kindness or a sliver of smile. Roxana and her family are coming over.

Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry – Reading Guide – : Books

View all 20 comments. I looked up more information about Zoroastrianism Mistry is also the author of Swimming Lessonsa collection of short stories. Old age can be cruel and if plagued by incurable diseases it becomes a metal cage. The Best Books of No postgraduates to get funding without a contract to beget as many children as there are people over fifty in their families is one suggestion.

Before the accident, Yezad and Nariman had a good relationship.

Yet Mistry’s compassionate eye and his ability to focus on the small decencies that maintain civilization, preserve the family unit and even lead to happiness attest to his masterly skill as a writer “who makes sense of the world by using laughter,” as one of his characters observes.

At a late stage Mistry thought better of his proposed epigraph: He’s proud and flattered, but doesn’t long resist the temptation of dohinton bribe. This was written in – 13 years ago Mistry demonstrates better than any writer that every individual has an amazing story to tell. View all 8 comments. I had high expectations for Family Matters after reading his second novel A Fine Balance and finding it to be noticeably more accomplished than his admirable first Such a Long Journey.

Once Nariman Vakeel is at Roxanne’s they plot and plan to keep him there for as long as they can, so they undertake extensive renovation of misrry house.


Does Mistry suggest that fate—rather than desire or will—rules human lives? I’m obviously not finished with the book yet Also the repetition of everything throughout history is tackled in a smooth way which doesn’t seem forced: Another, which assumes the extinction of a venerable cult, is to bury a Parsi time-capsule, containing among other things ‘recipes for dhansak, patra-ni-macchi, marghi-na-farcha, and lagan-nu-custard’. More By and About This Author. This premise all I have rohintoj mulling over my review for this book all day.

Family Matters Reader’s Guide

And the people portrayed by Mistry are wonderfully recognizable for everyone throughout the world: It is tempting to think he has been unlucky to not take out rhinton given the nature of such competitions but three shortlistings is an impressive achievement in itself. In standing alone in that new reality, some of us accept the losses of our grandiosity and beliefs, while others curl up into a ball and hide, chaining themselves hard to the first thing which feels safe, no matter how illusionary.

Enough about the title, how rohiton the book? This book did for me what Suketu Mehta’s “Bombay. I suppose that also my unability to throrouhghly enjoy non-fiction mishry a role in this, I just need characters and plot to stay interested through a thick volume and Mistry provides both in a masterly way.

The owner’s widow closes down the store and Yezad is out of a job.