Each unit armed with a mortar weapon system gives examinations semiannually. Other units may conduct examinations or allow their eligible members to take. 90(FM ). MORTARS. DECEMBER DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only. Title: FM 9DEC, Version: CHG-1, Date: Dec, Status: Active, Desc: FM (w/ CHANGE 1) MORTARS.

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The cannon assembly has one end closed by a base cap. Do not combine WP and HE in storage.

FM 23-90 (w/ CHANGE 1), ARMY FIELD MANUAL: MORTARS (09-DEC-2002)(TO 11W2-5-13-21)

He is allowed to start the test with his hand on the deflection knob of the sight. Any target that requires that elevation or lower cannot be engaged from that position. He selects two assistants–one assistant may visually align the mortar, while 32-90 other elevates or depresses the standard assembly and assists in moving the turntable.

Each gunner checks his sight picture. Then he lowers the mortar to its minimum elevation and backs off one-quarter turn. With the muzzle pointing toward the ground, the gunner shakes it slightly to help dislodge the round. The setting can be changed any number of times before firing without damaging the fuze. They may center the connection for the mortar locking pin assembly, but they MUST NOT manipulate the sight for deflection or elevation settings.

A single loader can fire almost as fast with less chance of double-loading. The commander having authority to issue special orders appoints the board.

To apply the data, the ammunition bearer selects the proper round, sets the fuze, and adjusts removes or replaces the charge on the quantity of rounds called for in the fire command. The turntable is centered, and the traversing mechanism is within two turns of center of traverse.

A snap hook is fixed to the cable to secure the bipod legs when they are collapsed for carrying. The candidate is permitted to traverse the mortar to the middle point of traverse before each trial at laying the mortar, except at Station No. He then levels the elevation bubble and ffm the setting on the elevation scale and elevation micrometer.


The assistant does not manipulate the sight or mortar in laying for elevation or deflection. The mortar is within mprtars turns of center of traverse four turns for the mm.

After waiting one minute, the gunner returns to the mortar. The evaluator records the time and checks the candidate’s mortar after each command has been executed. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. When he fails in any trial through the fault of an examiner, defective sight, mortar, mount, or other instrument used, that trial is void and the candidate is given another trial as soon as possible.

The emplacement is marked before the examination. The procedures for removing a misfire are different for morrars and conventional modes. The section leader, acting as the FDC, prepares an administrative announcement using the format for a fire command and the hit data of the base piece as follows:.

He determines mask and overhead clearance by sighting along the top of the barrel with his eye placed near the base plug.

As soon cm the mortar is laid, he announces, “Up. The candidate is instructed to mount the mortar at mils deflection and mils elevation for the 4.

The mount is folded back underneath the barrel until the elevating mechanism latches to the collar assembly. The change in elevation causes him to elevate or depress the barrel from low range to high range, or vice versa. The bipod assembly Figure can be assembled to the barrel either before or after assembly of the barrel to the baseplate. The examining board ensures that information obtained by a candidate during testing is not passed to another candidate, and that candidates do not receive sight settings or laying of mortars left by a previous candidate.

The gunner is on the left side of the mortar where he can manipulate the sight, elevating gear handle, and traversing assembly wheel. The area selected should be on flat terrain consisting of soil that allows for aiming posts to be easily positioned at 50 and meters from the station position. In this test, the sight-to-sight method is used to reciprocal lay the mortar.


He replaces the locking knob to its original position and makes it hand tight. If the round does not fire, he places the selector switch on SAFE and supports the mortar barrel with sand bags, logs, or empty ammunition boxes to keep the barrel upright and stable. The squad leader places his left leg in front of the nonmechanical leg of the bipod to keep the bipod steady during the misfire removal.

If two misfires occur in a row without the primer being dented, the gunner notifies organizational maintenance IAW unit SOP. The standard B rounds shown in Figure are available for training with the M Add to watch list Remove from watch list. After sufficient preparatory exercises, candidates are given the gunner’s examination.

Attached to the base cap end is a combination carrying handle and firing mechanism. The carrying handle is used to carry the complete mortar.

FM Chptr 9 Gunner’s Examination

He then levels the mortar first for elevation mils, and then cross-levels. He tries to fire the round again. For additional information, see the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions – opens in a new window or tab This amount includes applicable customs duties, taxes, brokerage and other fees.

If performed properly, the carrying handle is on the upper side of the barrel, facing skyward. If he takes the first trial for record, then he must take the second trial for record even if he fails it.

He levels the instrument and mortara the aiming circle so that the line is in the general direction the mortar is mounted.