“Following the Notes” by Pia Z. Ehrhardt New Sudden Fiction () * * * (Good) Realistic A father and daughter find a small measure of. Stories by Pia Ehrhardt .. I was so excited to read your story “Following The Notes” in the NEW SUDDEN You must log in to write on Pia Ehrhardt’s wall. Ashley Eleby Creative Writing Steve Ersinghaus May 12, Critique Following the Notes By Pia Z. Ehrhardt This author really gets into the language of a.

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Home… Contributors About Subscribe. She was an x-ray technician who got home from the hospital and went to bed. Washed a thousand times, so smooth against my skin.

Come to think of it, two different strangers talked to me at traffic lights last night. This interview made me pull out my thf and put it on my pillow to do it all over again. Please click here and vote for Robin Slick.

His dad and I followed, drafting behind them. Yes, to your note.

following the notes pia z. ehrhardt

Ehrharft by Susan Henderson on November 7, I special ordered Famous Fathers from two different bookstores in two different counties. What took three weeks to destroy, will take ten years to rebuild. Just wanted to thank you for reading my stuff and for your thoughtful words.


You are such a wonderful writer, it means so much to me. I wrote to one of the writers you mention, but I cannot find info for Peter Landon. Billie — Thanks for ehrharst the book. Every time she brings up mom, her dad gets sad. I almost wrote about New Orleans as my favorite place to travel last week.

Two broken people folkowing make each other feel better. X — “I’ll Try Later”. I heard a giggle in the background and he said it was his sister, but I knew. I am trying to stay away from bookshops as much as I can but then Internet ambushes me… There is no winning.

We caught every red light. Cancel followinh Leave a Comment. Both were just smiley and waving and stuff. I started LitPark a literary playground in in order to build a supportive folkowing of writers and artists who are in this game for the long haul.

Some of the water spreads out over open land and stays to make a lake, a bow lake. One of my favorite short stories resulted from that trip. I like the crumminess of Channel 10 because after you watch it, real life seems prettier, like running with leg weights and then taking them off. So nice to read all of these notes.

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Pia Ehrhardt

Yes, Susan, I want to be a better writer already! I followed the notes and turned the page when he nodded. They were amazed, and imagined her recovery was a full-blown display of the human spirit, but it was theirs, not hers.

If I sleep with him, what happens to the wish? Man, I love me some Pia. Clearly, only one of them is reliable.

Dumb and Dumber • Pia Ehrhardt

Ellen — my husband read your post to me I was driving to the dentist — and we both burst out laughing. That makes me feel great.

A big ball of crab meat sounds good. Strong and terrific, Pia!