X. FORESTADENT Symposium. October Discover highest quality and enter the world of FORESTADENT products. Find all products in our online catalog. The FORESTADENT online catalog reflects our strive to provide our customers with the best possible products and the latest techniques. Click here to visit our. Deutsche Präzision in der Kieferorthopädie – FORESTADENT® – Bernhard Patient brochure “TruKlear Brackets”. Patient brochure for TruKlear Brackets.

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Preformed ligature ties with twisted end, tooth colour coated, suitable as Powerhook. Large bondable pad Double and triple buccal tubes are delivered on large bondable pads as a standard.

Interdiction de reproduire ce catalogue catalgue ou des extraits — sans notre autorisa tion expresse. Due to this characteristic the influence of cold and hot foods and drinks results in intermittent levelling.

Instead of storing 32 different band sizes with adequate buccal tubes you only need a few bondable pads to treat each of your patients. The mesial-distal width is similar to the standard brackets and guarantees a good rotational control.

The permanent positive biological force about 90 g is achieved through two super elastic springs over a distance of 0,7 mm. Well rounded bracket and slot edges as well as contact ribs in the bracket slot ensure controlled force transfer with minimal fric- tion.

Self-ligating brackets – vestibular and lingual

Snap Lock Expander — the key to efficient and safe expansion. Einzelzahnbewegungsschrauben Screws for individual tooth movements 8 Order No. Round wires with a maximum diameter of. Das Big Foot Klebepad ist sowohl mesio-distal als auch okklusal-gingival anatomisch vor- geformt. Your storage costs and chair side time will be reduced when using our new Big Forestqdent pad. They also provide maximum intraoral comfort for the patient, as the white coating covers superelastic NiTi archwires.


This allows extremely easy insertion and the archwire only becomes active in the patient’s mouth. Als innovatives Unternehmen wissen wir jedoch, dass die Entwicklung nicht stehen bleibt. The distal bending of the wire can now be performed extraorally.

A randomized, controlled trial, Angle Orthodontist. They feature a modified cap over the whole slot length. Extract Anchorage systems ,58 KB. Es wird eine intrusive Kraft von g auf die Incisivi dorestadent. John Bennett are now presenting the latest version of the bracket system. These buccal tubes are distinguished by great- er patient comfort and enhanced convenience for the practitioner: Sie haben eine einseitige Schraubenspindel mit abgewinkeltem oder geradem Stift.

WB Saunders, 2rd edition, Extract Lingual technique ,47 KB.

Die gesamte Behandlung ist somit schneller abgeschlossen. They eli- minate the need for laboriously threading the archwire into the conventional molar tubes. Main features of this alternative Herbst appliance are protrusive bars and inclined planes which are fitted on the vestibular side to casted splints or assembled bands. Buccal tubes for the 7th are generally delivered on a standard bondable pad. As the archwire only rests on two contact points in this case, it has greater clearance and therefore ensures friction-free sliding.


These MIM-manufactured one piece buccal tubes have all advantages of Comfort Line buccal tubes and are also nickel free.

Distalizing spring, stops auto matic ally occur when cut. Pop-Box size 2 for activators and bionators. Catch function for easier gingival opening of the interactive clip.


Right Left Right Left Slot. Chair side reactivations provide minimal inconvenience to staff and patient. Die McLaughlin Bennett 5. Mikroschrauben Micro screws Order No. Right Left 1. The lock for the spring was transferred from palatal to lingual and is therefore more accessible.

Catalog and order form

When the forces applied by the archwire become uncomfortable for the pa- tient a glass of cold water cataogue almost instantly take away the discomfort.

The Twin Block appliance by Dr. Hook-shaped undercuts on the base allow for better retention than with a mesh base. Debonding bevels for applying special debonding pliers. On removal of the brackets, a significant amount of adhesive remains on the base rather than on the tooth.

Promotion material

This moment forestadennt help in correcting edge to edge class II to class I molar relationship. Andrews, has repeatedly undergone modifications and adjustments. This in turn accelerates integration of the canines. Our German heritage is well known for designing and precision manufacturing. Seite page M M T A A A A M M M S 8.