Bart D. Ehrman, Forged: Writing in the Name of God—Why The Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are (San Francisco: HarperOne. Forged – Writing in the Name of God–Why the. Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are. By Bart D. Ehrman. Publisher: HarperOne. Full text of “Bart D. Ehrman – Forged: Writing In The Name Of God – Why The Are Not Who We Think They Are Bart D. Ehrman HarperCollins e-books To Sierra .

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That sort of commitment does deserve recognition. I am motivated by the fact that there is no food in the house. But recall that Ehrman himself admits that, given the length of the New Testament letters, the Greco-Roman letters are not necessarily germane.

The author begins the book by assuming that the New testament is forged.

Google Cambridge Lecture on Forged – The Bart Ehrman Blog

I really wanted to read this book, however, because ehdman made what to me was a fofged argument. In other words, you lied about who you really were.

A fourth attempt contends that students in the ancient philosophical schools often penned literature in the name of their teacher since they had learned the content from them. A third attempt is to claim that the forger has taken a genuine apostolic teaching and has rewritten it in order to address a different situation. This book covers lots of new ground for me and, like his other books, is remarkably interesting.

One consequence of this was that only those In early Christianity, the most beloved books of the new religion were read out loud in church. For example, in 1 Corinthians Paul is answering a situation where some members of the church in Corinth were denying an afterlife.

For this reason forgery belongs to the realm of lying and deception. But later readers and copyists asserted that they knew who had written it and claimed it was by a well-known, authoritative person, in this case the disciple Matthew. When a person speaks something that is false, knowing that it is false, pseudos always means what “lie” means in English: I was passionate about my studies and the truth that I could find.

Of those 13, scholars agree that Paul wrote seven: If scholars who think that 2 Thessaloni- ans was not written by Paul are wrong— that is, if Paul really wrote it— then it shows that Paul himself knew of a forgery in his name that had come to the Thessalonian church. You can make that choice if you want, and if it gives you comfort in your life, then more power to you.


One of the overarching theses of my book is that those who engaged in this activity in the ancient world were roundly condemned for lying and trying to deceive their readers. But I mean the question at a deeper level.

But, although he does cover some of the same material mostly right at the end he does this in a very summary way — ehrmna enough to remind you of some of the corged there. Did the forgers who perpetrated their fraud think that they were justified in lying?

It also contains what almost anyone today would badt lies. To make sense of the early Christian forgeries, however, we need to take a step back and consider the phe- nomenon of forgery in the ancient world more broadly. Consider the following statements by an expert in the early pseudepigraphal Christian literature. And then slowly the full implications of this came to me. Bart puts his points across in a very clear manner, hammering his points over and over and over again to a point where yb does seem to get repetitive.

Forged – Writing in the Name of God – Bart D Ehrman

If any of this interests you then you should pick up the book and read it. It is true, as scholars have increasingly recognized, that Eusebius very much puts his own slant on his accounts, that he has personal views, theological perspectives, and hidden agendas that dictate how he tells his narrative.

No restoration, no great grandchildren, no death at full of days. But sometimes the winners deserve to win. In 2 Corinthians But a few days later a visitor who claims to be a Christi- an comes to stay with the peasant and seduces his daughter.

Forgeries Served Christian Propaganda

That lying about who they were was worth it? Joel Pearson The gospels are anonymous, so they aren’t technically forged. A letter can’t be a forgery ehramn it tells us not to trust forgeries, right??? Your point that knowing a little Greek and composing in Greek are two separate skills is something most people have never really thought about.


Forged: Writing in the Name of God

We allow for a kind of brat license of distortion, even when acknow- ledging that the story is somehow “true. Ehrman returns to some of the letters he had questioned in chapters foeged and 3: Want to Read saving…. So he removes the tuna from the hook, throws it into a nearby pond, and orders it to come back from the dead. Ehrman is an agile and dextrous juggler who leads h This book is another winner by Bart Ehrman, whose works I have reviewed before.

For example, the theology of Paul 19s letter to the Romans authentic contradicts yb supposed letter to the Ephesians a forgery on the topic of resurrection. The views found in these writings were often deemed “heretical” i. This was for a bby reason: Paul, in this understanding, forge something quite different, that believing in the death and resurrection of Christ was the only way to have a right standing before God.

The Clementine books clearly were not fprged by the histor- ical Clement, but long after his death, even though they are al- legedly narrated by him in the first person. Some scholars have argued, strenuously, hut without much evidence, that it was a common and accepted practice in schools of philosophy to write a philosophical treatise and sign your mas- ter’s name to it Plato, Pythagoras, etc.

There could be no better demonstration of the existence of a sophisticated sense of anachronism among the educated elite of Pharaonic Egypt… Each society, each generation, fakes the things it covets most. Needless to say, dealing with the issue of forgery or falsity in the Bible is a little like juggling live lobsters and lit dynamite, hot, emotional and controversial.

Even God lies by putting lying spirits in the mouths of his prophets. I can claim to be Barack Obama writing this review; that claim means jack squat.

There was, in fact, no way to know.