: Foscam FIW Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black): Surveillance Cameras: Camera & Photo. Buy Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera (Black) featuring MP CMOS Sensor, x Resolution Glass IR mm f/ Lens. Review Foscam FIW. Foscam FIW features high quality video, wireless connectivity and night vision. Quick and easy set up with device streaming and instant notifications.

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Multi-Device Settings – View up to 9 cameras simultaneously. I am techie and it still took me awhile to set up everything. And you can even use it with your iPhone or Android anywhere! Opened up in browser and got to work. The software needs an update as it is not as refined as it should be. The infared night vision works really well, I’ve been seeing white orbs dancing around my apt in the dark not crazy, I took video of it not sure what that is all about.

BUT the camera resets itself A LOT, now I don’t know if it’s my wireless setup or not but it’s a real pain to keep working when I have to fiddle with the IP string all the time and even sometimes unplug the camera and replug it back in to get it working again but as I said it might be my wireless signal, which I am in the process of oomphing up and hopefully that will solve the resetting issue.

Hats off to all the people at Foscam for their support online and on the phone. Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and personal belongings are safe and out of harm’s way. In garage sometimes it reboots, think because of summer heat.

The camera has an outdoor setting that greatly improves the picture quality when viewing the outdoors. This should be fixed in the next firmware release It would have been faster, but I took my coscam playing around with different configurations.


Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera

Also there is no SSL foxcam, so there is a possible security vulnerability if you plan to access your cam across the internet. The world’s most popular Wi-Fi remote monitoring camera Catch everything that’s going on See who is pulling in to your driveway or who is at the front door. We have never had security issues, but now I can remotely monitor my property when we are not at home.

All in all, a good value, particularly if you have any network skills. They have provided all the info you need to get you setup to access the cam through the internet.

The image quality foscan is acceptable for my purposes, and that’s what I expected for what I paid. After researching Wireless IP cameras for a few hours I concluded that this camera is the best value. Getting access over the internet was a bit more tricky, although once I had read through the foscam.

Plug the camera into fodcam router and power cables includedInstall the software and open it up. The images so far are excellent, and I got the Standard camera, meaning not the HD.

Wish I would of gotten this one when my son was born instead of a Baby Monitor that was overpriced just because it was labeled a baby monitor.

Foscam FI8910W – network surveillance camera

Foxcam Harris Very helpful. I called a few times and always was transferred to sales because tech support was busy. The quality of the video is pretty foxcam also. This makes it easy to check on my children from wherever I may be. I had to add the camera’s IP address to my trusted sites. Surveillance Camera Sensitivity Minimum Illumination lux.

Linux users need to know that the included CD is only for obtaining the cam IP address so it doesn’t matter that it’s only for Mac and MS. Once you get DNS set-up, at time I bought 5 year plan 90 bucks and a few security glitches and a rotten egg CSR at Foscam that they took care of, cameras do exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend this camera. I have been having a problem though with all three of them and apparently fosdam not just me.


If outside, you need to get your router ip addess then the port number. Foscam uses 11 infrared LEDs to record video in total darkness up to 8 meters. I needed some help with the install and paid for remote foscxm. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. You do need both to install the camera.

Either the quality control is off or something got mixed up because I ordered this camera in white and it came with a nice foecam mounting bracket. Again, for the cost and features it’s a great value.

This camera overall is mid line at best and the video as well as the image captures are not even close to where a good security camera should voscam. Setting up the camera for web access is a little more difficult.

Let me start by saying that I am not a techie by any stretch. As for the camera itself, I am very impressed. In good lighting I think it may be possible from feet away and they do not move. It might not last forever. Initially I had some challenges with configuring for wireless use in a corporate environment Really impressed with the FIW.

Wireless Security tab should be WPA2 Personal and your passphrase password must match 890 password in the camera. They get off on that stuff. To do this you go back into the router and find Single Port Forwarding. Foscam has an app for these I have caught and sent to prison two boys robbing my house while I was at work.

Foscam FIW Indoor IP Camera with Pan/Tilt | Foscam UK | Foscam UK

So I called tech support and I was fortunate to talk to “Jees. I tested on Android and iOS. This camera is great.