The “foundations” which the Committee investigated did not all carry that label, . RENE A. WORMSER CONTENTS PREFACE by drazilla carroll reece v. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the great tax-exempt foundations. Despite opposition from the. Foundations has 17 ratings and 0 reviews. Rene Wormser was the counsel for a congressional committee commissioned to investigate the.

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The corporate foundations have, so foundationns, escaped the type of criticism leveled at some of the individual-created foundations be- cause they have generally avoided controversy and have confined themselves to direct grants and to objectives often local with which the public could not well quarrel. What is orthodox today may be daring tomorrow; and what was daring twenty or thirty years ago may be orthodox today. Though much of the research and teaching in these disciplines may have no relationship whatsoever to politics, legislation, or even to public affairs, a large and vociferous sector of the social scientists actively seeks to redesign our government and our public life.

They often debate issues; they frequently foundationss on and determine prin- ciples of operation; they consider and take action on many specific grants. Having set up schools for the training of prophets, it gratifies us to hear that the great task of social science is to remake the wogmser.

In modern times, however, changing political concepts have sometimes produced special foundattions re- lated to the trends of the moment. In the inter- est of continuing a free market for ideas, the managements of granting and receiving institutions should be carefully separated and kept clear of rne taint of conflict of interest.

A certain form of “liberalism” is currently ortho- dox in intellectual circles. A more subtle and foindations more widespread control comes about by Teason of the multitude of indirect relationships in which foundations play a part. It is attached to an outside institution or organi- zation, but little is left to it to do except bookkeeping and related administrative functions, Universities, hospitals, institutes and learned societies sometimes supply nothing but their name labels affixed to what is actually a pet project of foundation managers.

June 14, Foundations: It has common ideas both as to concepts of responsibility and business affairs. By foundahions selection of a trustee, here and there, from among proprietors and executives of newspapers, periodicals, and other media of communication, it can assure itself of adulation and sup- port. Open Preview See a Problem?


Indeed, there is similarity between Mr. This is a corporation foundagions the nature of a foundation, which plays a very important part in government research.

The SSRC, however, purports to represent seven of the indi- vidual social-science disciplines through their respective profes- sional societies. Manly, the director of research of the Commission on Industrial Relations, dealt at length with foundation problems.

It is also weak qualitatively. Keeping in mind that this organization, The Social Science Re- search Council, is supported by a group of major foundations, the hazards involved are significant.

Theoretically, a society could be completely made over in something like 15 years, the time it takes to inculcate a new culture into a rising group of youngsters. It is no longer a mere clearing-house foundatikns ideas; It has become a proponent of the particular ideas of its trustees, its staff, and an entourage sympathetic to certain special concepts of international relations promoted by the foundation itself.

It just grew into being, but it is none the less wormserr as a concentration of power.

Only the trustees and managers of foundations themselves can direct the application of tax-exempt funds more intelligently to the public welfare. There are now perhaps two thousand of them. They attributed the preva- lence of New Deal sentiment, in the literature and programs which they have supported, to the political and intellectual cli- mate of the times.

They are not likely to be pleased to find a quasi-monopoly operating in intel- lectual areas which are not mere “ivory tower” but influence our society very materially, A system of interlocks among major foundations and associated organizations has long existed in social-science research and edu- cation.

Students at a total of 16 institutions re- ceived Criticizing the Rockefeller, Sage, and Carnegie foundations, he said: Speaking of economic control Professor Lasswell asks; Shall we rely upon a rule to guide public policy in regard to the permissible degree of market control per- mitted to private interests? Under these cir- cumstances, passing the buck has come to be practiced very widely.

The donating foundations sought to absolve themselves of re- sponsibility for what resulted. The manner of their exploration has always reflected the concern of the day with specific dangers to the public welfare. Social scientists may be said to have come to constitute a fourth major branch of government.

What is wrong is permitting any Gleichschaltung or even the appearance of it. Their contributions to the security and civilization of Europe, their performance during the Crusades were soon forgotten.


Foundations: Their Power and Influence

Many corporations which formerly engaged in only one activity have now seen the wisdom of diversification and have entered various, sometimes un- associated, industries. The tax relief which foundations and their donors enjoy causes the public to pay more taxes than would be the case if the exemp- tions were not granted. Here you have, you see, outside organizations influencing the course of the careers of personnel in universities through their con- trol of funds which can liberate these people from teaching duties, for example, and making it possible for them to pub- lish more than their competitors.

Steven marked it as to-read Jan 23, Trustees serving on more than one tax-exempt organiza- tion, often both granting and receiving organizations; 2. As is the case in foundations generally, the management is self-perpetuat- ing.

Stephanie rated it really liked it Jun 08, Indeed, there have been few instances fohndations which both these motives have not been present simultaneously in varying proportions. The Committee sought out guiding principles for future founda- tion behavior rather than grounds for punishing past errors. I have the very definite feeling that these various foundations you mention very definitely do exercise both overt and covert influences on our foreign relations and that their influences are counter to the fundamental principles on which this nation was founded and which have made it great.

Instead of supporting such power, founda- tions bear the duty to exercise the greatest care, lest their funds be used for such ends of thought control.

Foundations: Their Power and Influence by Rene A. Wormser

The choice of professors often is one by the foundation and not one by the university. Almost all foundations are created under state law, and their rights and privileges are, for the most part, determined by state law. Hundreds of wormder ago, the Church introduced rules against nepotism. Matt Goguen added it Dec 07, They must, he said, be ever on guard against in- dulging in propaganda, even virtuous propaganda; he obviously saw the danger of political rens in charitable work, mind- ful of the suspicions disclosed by the Walsh Commission’s hear- ings on Industrial Relations.