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The information must be provided as soon as possible and should be faxed to the Economic and Family Services Section at or An allotment equal to the maximum monthly allotment established for the regular Food and Nutrition Services Program for the appropriate household size.

Notice of approval may be made in person or by telephone, followed by written confirmation to the State Division of Social Services. This information is contained on the Disaster Food and Nutrition Services application. Provide a recommendation of how long the benefit period should be, from one-half to one full month.

Fsdm 1265 pdf

The total income received or expected to be received fsdj the benefit period minus a deduction for disaster-related expenses shall not exceed the allowable income limit. If the household receives or anticipates receiving a reimbursement for these expenses during the disaster period, only the net expense is deductible.


Counties will be notified via an administrative letter as to what form to use for applications. Refer to Section II. It is important to key both approvals and denials as timely as possible. Provide a recommendation of how long it will take to accept and process applications from disaster victims. The Division of Social Services consolidates the daily reports of each county 12265 of social services and submits one report to FNS. Include a description of the increased demand on the existing emergency food sources or the necessity of feeding sites.

1625 not include IRA accounts, K accounts, disaster insurance, or disaster assistance received or expected to be received during the benefit period or payments from federal, Ffsdm or local government agencies, or disaster assistance organizations. The following table outlines possible verification requirements. County employee applications will be investigated as needed.

The combined gross earned and unearned income of household members. Their duties will include:.

The period for which disaster benefits are issued usually one month. Security should be present at this location, but the location should be easily accessible for applicants.

Written confirmation follows the verbal notification. Must have experienced at least one of the following adverse affects: Counties will need to provide data concerning the demographics of the fddm area. Interviews may be conducted by:. The policy will be addressed in the administrative letter. This may be modified to meet the needs of a particular disaster. Advise the household of the civil and criminal penalties for violations of the Food and Nutrition Services Program.


Determine if automatic replacements are needed or 125 replacements can be issued on a case-by-case basis.

Food Stamp Disaster Manual FSDM

Provide a description of resources available to: Include the following items in the county request dsdm a Disaster Food and Nutrition Services Program application:. The purpose of the new and improved EBT card delivery method is to expedite card delivery and receipt of benefits. Instructions will be issued via an administrative letter prior to implementation of a Disaster Food and Nutrition Services Program.

Disaster Food and Nutrition Services certification activities must be reported to FNS daily during the disaster authorization period. A disaster representative is an individual authorized to apply for and receive benefits on behalf of a household. If the benefit period is one-half month, issue one-half the full benefit allotment for the household size, rounded up to the nearest dollar.