In the case of Fru’ of al-Kafi which consist of volumes three to volume seven, the Furu’ al-Kafi (volume 3 – 7): The rules of conduct, the practical laws of the. The contents of al-Kafi are precious gifts from Ahl al-Bayt (the fourteen infallible This part is called Furu’ al-Kafi Branches of the Islamic system that consists of . Al-Kafi is the first-ever complete English translation of the first and foremost ‘ Usul al-Kafi (Volumes 1 & 2) Al‑Furu’ (Branches) (Volumes 3 through 7).

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Kitab al-qada’ wa al-hukumah deals with the most important aspect of jurisprudence, for it deals with the problems of social and political justice and lays down the fundamental principles of governance and implementation of the Islamic laws. The second part of al-Kafi is Furu’ al-Kafi.

These are two separate books which deal with the issues related to hunting and slaughter or sacrifice of animals. Hadith books are compiled by fallible people, and thus realistically, they inevitably have a mixture of strong and weak hadiths. There is also a translation and commentary on the first chapter of Usul al-Kafii. This book contains traditions under 67 heads.

Almurtaza » Furu Al-Kafi ()

Should the true believer actually believe everything just because it sounds good, or should they also verify that it comes from a legitimate source? One point that cannot be stressed enough is the fact that Imam Al-Kulayni lived in the time of the Minor Occultation and that he had direct access to the Four Representatives of the Hidden Imam. O Lord make me know the one who possesses Your authority over the creatures fyru if You will not make me know him ,afi will stray away from my religion.

They believe that anything that goes against previously held ideas must not be authentic. A brief introduction of 6 pages beginning with the praise of God and the description of the attributes of His beauty and power, deals with the purpose of creation, particularly of man; after the mission of God’s messengers ending with the last Prophet S and the significance of the Quran and Amir al muminin A is discussed and the need for a continuous chain of infallible Imams A is substantiated with the support of the traditions.

Kitab al-dawajin deals with issues pertaining to the domesticated and pet animals, under 13 chapters and records traditions, The total number of traditions of this volume is Imam Al-Kulayni was a companion of all four of these men, and thus, he had access to the Hidden Imam through them. There are many high kafu scholars who believe in the authenticity of all the traditions narrated by the Four Books.


It is regarded as one of the four major works of Shi’i traditions. Al-Astarabadi quotes from his teachers that, “no book has ever been written similar or close to it in rank”.

Although it deals with a variety of matters concerned with the birth and bringing up of children, it is called Kitab al-‘aqiqa. This chapter presents the theological distinction between reason and ignorance.

“The authenticity of Furu al Kafi” | Women Reclaiming and Redefining Cultures

Both address the issue of jihad “struggle”which has numerous varieties in Sunni and Shi’i jurisprudence, including the now well-known military jihad s, offensive and defensive. Furthermore, when he saw no preference between two incompatible hadiths, he chose the one he deemed more correct and authentic.

It is very deceitful of Answering-Ansar to even insinuate that Imam Al-Kulayni did not claim that the narrations in Al-Kafi are authentic. As an appendix to this book abwab al-nabd’idhah wines and alcoholic drinks is added, which consists of 24 chapters, of which the last two chapters are devoted to the issues dealing with ghina’ musicnard gambling with dice and shatrani chess. Kitab al-hudud deals with the punishments prescribed by the Quran and Sunnah. According to the Shia website, www.

Al-Kulayni has tried to bring the most detailed, authentic and clear hadith at the beginning of each section, and the more concise and ambiguous ones later. In fact, Imam Al-Kulayni was asked by another Shia to compile a book with only Sahih Hadith because that particular Shia follower was confused as to which Hadith to follow and which not to.

Preface of Al-Kafi Al-Islam. The first volume of Al-Kafi from the beginning to kitab al-Iman wa l-kufr has been translated into English in 8 volumes by Muhammad Sarwar. The Qur’an is far more important to Islamic belief than any hadith book, and Shia scholars have long pointed this out.

Views Read View source View history. Sometimes he thinks it necessary to explain some discrepancy or apparent inconsistency, but these occasions are very rare. It is a ground to believe the veracity of his collection of hadith.

In fact, even in the preface of Al-Kafi, we read that the book can be considered an interview with Imam Qaem himself:. In fact, they have used Sunni Hadith as a basis for many events in history, such as the Incident of the Pen and Paper.

Al-Kulayni has arranged the traditions according to the main issues concerning fiqh, and classification also is in conformity with the natural order of the problems of fiqh. These 14 include the 12 Imams, descendants of the Prophet through his cousin and son-in-law, ‘Ali bin Abi Talib, and, more specifically, ‘Ali’s son Husayn, the third Imam.


As for the second point b we find great evidence in support of it. Kitab al-talaq, divided into 82 chapters, deals with the issues concerning ila’ a form of divorce in which a man vows not to have connections with his wife for more than four months; zihar, a kind of divorce which results from likening one’s wife to the husband’s mother or other immediate female kins fufu whom one is not permitted to kaif li’an, mutual cursing, in which a man accuses his wife of adultery and the wife swears for her chastity.

This book consists of traditions divided into chapters. We read the following statements by the leading classical Shia jafi. He intervenes very little himself. Some of the basic issues are as follows:. He aimed to strike a balance between dogmatism and extreme type of rationalism. In his introduction, Imam Al-Kulayni explains what was the process that he underwent in order to verify that the Hadith he compiled were authentic.

Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. Related topics Ahl al-Hadith Criticism. In this chapter, Answering-Ansar has adopted the tone of the apologist, denying integral parts of their belief in order to seem more presentable.

Al-Kafi represents a decisive moment in the collection of traditions from the Prophet and the Imams and their systematic presentation. Sunni The Authentic Six. Khomeini argued that Islamic law should be an integral part of everyday life for the believer, not just a stale manuscript to be placed on a shelf and forgotten.

You wanted to have a book which would be sufficient for your religious needs kafinwhich would include all kinds of knowledge ‘ilm of religion, which would be adequate for the student, and to which the teacher might refer.

The claims of the compilers as to the authenticity of the traditions contained within their works b.

“The authenticity of Furu al Kafi”

C Mayyit dead body in 95 chapters covering traditions. The main criticism of al-Kafi as fuu basis for Shia fiqh, comes from prominent Sunni writers who argue that finding some hadiths in al-Kafi proves that the entire Shi’ite school is wrong.

An Opinion on Whethe Kitab al-dawajin deals with issues pertaining to the domesticated and pet animals, under 13 chapters and records traditions.