We sell used & new PHS PRO-Head-Spot Moving Lights by FutureLight. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. How long you use it? 4 years. What is so special that you love most: strength and reliability and especially the zoom, focus and gobos overlays! happiness. User review from Mile&Prod about Futurelight PHS

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You should use that – that file contains all images and other stuff needed. Hope that helps Michael. I saw that there are some futurelighh which u can install to your computer and u have then a virtual DMX I have removed your link to the 620 file, but for conveniance I’ve converted it to a pff file and attached it here: Can I project for example with showtec explorer pro some logos???

Futurelight PHS – Q Light Controller+

I think it’s not a problem, and u can buy for a good price. Does it costs more for the Robes and Martins The price was euros for 2 PHS and for a case.

Posted 09 April – Futurelight has represented perfect illumination for more than 15 years. I didn’t but the showtec explorers and maybe I won’t buy them anymore Now what I observed, everybody has an opinion, and mostly everybody is happy with his moving heads, and for this reason is difficult for a new guy just like me to choose the first moving heads.

Posted 08 January – For the start Phss was thinking on buying second-hand Moving Heads used betweeen and hours. Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely.


You can now pay for fixtures if you don’t want to wait or create your own by going to here http: I’m waiting for the answers Let me know if you need to know anything else. I have used the explorer stuff and it seems good. And yes, you can put interchangeable gobos in them, so you can project your own images or text. I would like to buy 2 moving heads, but I heard a lot of bad opinions, even for mac martins. I have found the german suppliers to me good and helpful with most things.

If you service them well and look after them they seem to be reliable. Facilities such as prism, stepless frost-filter, as well as static and rotating gobos remain unchanged.

First 2260 is about brightness: I think that in the last months. I’ve made the fixture for freestyler about a year ago, and it was working ok except for the macro’s if I remember correctly. With basic DMX knowledge and some common sense, you are able to create the fixture file yourself.

Removed external link to unsupported fxt file. Cris said that he doesn’t have any problems with futurelight phs what about the other models? You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Showtec Explorer pro or Futurelight phs or other moving head? – Blue Room technical forum

An interesting fight will continue to remain between the two illuminants — fkturelight any rate, Futurelight has opened the next round with its two novelties.

I’m still thinking because I want to buy the best moving heads for the money what I have. Also, fixture files need to be exported using the export function in the fixture creator. I heard just good things about Robes, for sure that if u can afford u should buy Martin or Robe, but I’m intrested in 2 things: Lighting failure in a disco has fewer ramifications than one during a theatrical production.


It differs from its predecessors particularly through a higher speed, a more clearly arranged LC-display, a lockable head, as well as the software update facility via an external upload-box. Now I’m looking for a good controler!! If you can afford to stretch to Robe all the better. Posted pjs January – I think it’s a very good price Please don’t link to external phss, as we can’t guarantee they will be online in the future. I have one more Some very popular heads are just so because they’re cheap rather than good, the BR generally does not encompass many users of this type of equipment!

I did a lot of hours trawling the internet, pys I could not find anything else with the same spec, for the price.

All user reviews for the Futurelight PHS 260

Let me know if you need any more info on them. American dj, showtec and future light are all cheap and cherfull disco lights. I heard that Robe and Futurflight Dj has also some good models. An the second one is that I don’t know the service costs, and the accesories costs.