Gutting, Gary. Foucault: a very short introduction / Gary Gutting. p. cm.—(A very short introduction). Includes bibliographical references and index. 1. Foucault. Foucault has ratings and 68 reviews. Ahmad said: Foucault: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #), Gary GuttingPaul-Michel Foucau. Foucault is one of those rare philosophers who has become a cult figure. Ideally suited for the Very Short Introductions series, Gary Gutting.

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Foucault: A Very Short Introduction

Of these, I focus here only on the dynamics of Power in society: My library Help Advanced Book Search. Concise and straightforward in a way that one can only wish all these kind of things were. Jul 25, Nick Hylands-white added it. Geoff Danaher – – Sage Publications. Such wide subjects as modern medicine, the prison system, schooling, madness and asylums, attitudes towards sex, and many others, all coming together into a The Epistemology of Suspicion Always resisting categories, obfuscating himself – decoding the writings of Foucault is obviously a tough challenge.

Spirit Becomes Matter Henry Staten. Fiction and Narrative Derek Matravers. It I don’t know much about Foucault. What choices do these questions obligate me to make? Perhaps we could soon say that people living with the terror of not having a fixed identity are the new marginalised. Foucault is one of those rare philosophers who has become a cult figure. From aesthetics to the penal system; from madness and civilisation to avant-garde literature, Foucault was ha Foucault is one of those rare philosophers who has become a cult figure.

Foucault’s Legacy for Nursing: A major guttinh on Queer Theory and gender, he also wrote on architecture, history, law, medicine, literature, politics, and of course philosophy.


This book is what you make of it.

Foucault’s Turn From Literature. Michel Foucault – – Picador. A Very Short Introduction a new subtitle, what would it be? He simply claims that if you don’t have this terror of a fixed identity, “we must be from different planets”. Lives and works 2. In general Foucault work is amazing in a great series And this volume of it about Foucault is very good in the sense that it’s been able to approach a complex thinker and “philosopher” as Foucault and highlighted the main entrances to his thoughts and works smoothly and in a good way that appealed even to non familiar readers of Foucault like myself.

Very Short Introductions online. Here, Gary Gutting presents a comprehensive but non-systematic treatment of some highlights of Foucault’s life and thought. To ask other readers questions about Foucaultplease sign up. Simon Critchley’s Very Short Introduction shows that Continental philosophy encompasses a distinct set of philosophical traditions and practices, with a compelling range of problems all too often ignored by the analytic tradition.

I will still give him a shot, though, even with some apprehension. Critical Theory emerged in the s from the work of the Frankfurt School, the circle of German-Jewish academics who sought to diagnose – and, if at all possible, cure – the ills of society, particularly fascism and capitalism. I don’t know much about Foucault. Public Shorf and Epidemiology.

His writings when exploring the thoughts of other authors are exercises in wringing the very language, the authors and the readers – designed to unleash from language new transgressive truths that will take him and his readers beyond the realm of their knowledge and capacity of expression. Jun 13, Elen rated it liked it. Reading previously another title in this series, written by Vwry Blackburn, I was less than impressed by the glib exclusion of key details and ideas, which practice seemed politically motivated and keen to promote his own views at the expense of intellectual honesty.


Friedrich Nietzsche Narrated by: The book itself, not only introduces some of Foucault’s interesting theories but it also tell’s you about why he is like he is, and why his personal life made him become the type of academic he was. I would be grateful if experienced Foucault readers could help me out on this. A Very Short Introduction Gary Gutting Very Short Introductions Provide a comprehensive but non-systematic treatment of highlights of Foucault’s life and thought Considers Foucault’s thoughts foucaault literature, in particular the avant-garde scene, his philosophical and historical work and the reception he received from the historical community.

Eliot Read by Jeremy Irons By: Michel Foucault in Continental Philosophy. These kind of initial insights are invaluable as an introduction to a thinker whose work is not easily penetrated, particularly for a student. References and further reading.

Foucault: A Very Short Introduction – Gary Gutting – Oxford University Press

But reading this ‘dummies’ book reminds me of a different experience I once had. I now definitely want to read some of his books as this introduction has led me to believe that Foucault will be my homeboy. If you could sum up Foucault: