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The municipality, has a population ofThe Assembly of Kosovo.


Non-compliance with necessary preconditions in order to provide health care; and. Organization, functioning and activities of the secondary health care services, outpatient and inpatient care, shall be defined in the intgrimi acts issued by the Ministry of Health.

Provisions of penal procedure shall be implemented also when a person that is not a health worker provides health care services. Plan includes number and capacity of the Health Care Institutions in accordance with kntegrimi and nominations.

The three smallest denominations remained similar in design to the series but depicted on the obverse, the 50 qindarka and lek coins depicted patriotic and military images. Primary health care includes: Health care is implemented in Health Care Institutions at the workplace, at the residence of the citizen and other places wherein integrimo citizen is in need of health care.

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Quantitative health care services are: Specific health care for workers includes services that provide optimum conditions in the working environment in order to maintain optimum physical and mental heath status of employees. Specific health care in the Sports Medicine field shall be implemented as a part of Sports Medicine Service. Institutions of Kosovo, legal persons and citizens, Health Care Institutions and health workers, within their rights and obligations will take necessary measures to ensure and implement the health care principles.


One of the ancient monuments, the Tirana Mosaic is believed to have part of a 3rd century ancient Roman house. Drugs from essential drug list, as defined in the official register, will be provided to all health care levels.

Inthe Socialist Republic was dissolved and the Republic of Albania was established, Albania is a democratic and developing country with an upper-middle income economy. In municipalities where the implementation of the primary health care is not in accordance with defined norms yazeta standards, the Ministry of Health undertakes needed measures for ensuring the necessary level of the primary health care services.

Continual professional education will be provided to all health care levels; ggazeta Sports Medicine is form of organizing the health care that develops its activities through health care for active sportsmen and citizens carrying out sport activities as recreational. Health Care Institutions of all levels and forms of financing are obliged to provide hazeta for Continual Professional Education of their employees.

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Rights, obligations, responsibilities and Health Inspectorate organization to exercise supervising of law implementation and other laws of health scope are regulated through Health Inspectorate law.

Records from the first land registrations under the Ottomans in —32 show that Tirana consisted of 60 inhabited areas, Tirana is mentioned since as Borgo di Tirana. The provisions of section The norms and standards that Health Care Institution need to fulfill regarding: Licensing of health professionals. Go to website Vs. Insurance institutions defined under section Health Care Institutions, physical and juridical persons exercising health care activities provide resources for work, implementing health care programme based on: What do you think about our social networks analysis?


The standards of health care.

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Issues related to clinical research on humans shall be defined with a special law. Respect of ethical and disciplinary norms and standards during the implementation of health care activities, as well as for. Public health is high health care priority and organized activity of the society as a whole aiming at improvement of the health status of the population through health education, health promotion and through promotion of the healthy lifestyle, as well the prevention of diseases, disorders and injuries.

The Center of Reference is a Health Care Institution, or part of it, that fulfills, norms and standards of higher levels for implementation of specialized health care. See More Similar Sites.

General Health Council shall be responsible for: Duties and responsibilities related to the organization and management of the health care for citizens are provided through development activities and health care financing undertaken by the Government of Kosovo, municipalities, employees and employers, legal persons, citizens and Health Care Institutions. The Ministry of Health issues the decision under paragraph The service sector dominates the economy, followed by the industrial.

Provision of conditions for collection of blood and blood storage; iii. At all levels of the health care the drugs has to be prescribed by the generic names.