The Gboko Limestone, Yandev, Benue State, Nigeria: Geology, Geochemistry and Industrial Potentials. Anuba Basil Ofulume, Sabinus. An overview of the geology and hydrogeology of Nigeria . The geology of Nigeria, as detailed in Kogbe (), is made up of three main rock. Buy Geology of Nigeria. by C. A. Kogbe (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The mines are in benches.

The total annual rainfall decreases from the south to the north. The seams are generally thin, though one seam was reported to be up to 2 m thick. The sediments were deposited in prodelta environments. There is a ridge which is very extensive. Geology — Nigeria — Congresses. It I underlain by bituminous layer m underlain by shaly units which is also underlain kogbs lower bitumous 3 m east, 22 m westwards. Even where ring complexes have no associated volcanic at all, this is probably because they have been removed by erosion rather than because they were never erupted.

On the other hand, there is evidence of the existence of a positive basement barrier beneath the mouth of the present Niger Delta.

Geology of Nigeria (Book, ) []

Late tectonic emplacement of granites and granodiorites and associated contact metamorphism accompanied the end stages of this last deformation. Soils in the semi-arid zone — Inceptisols, Entisols and Andosols. Early ash-fall tufts and agglomerates were deposited from eruptions of explosive activity. Xenolith which is a pre-existing rock, mogbe was assimilated into magma without melting when the magma crystallizes was observed in the area. They logbe generally characterized by their dark greenish to greenish grey appearance which makes them easily recognizable in hand specimen.


There is also radial arrangement of the rock at the base of the outcrop joints, cross-cutting. The aim of the field geology of Nigeria trip is to expose students to rock exposure across the country. This difference is not suficient to warrant the establishment of separate lithostratigraphic units. If irrigation is used good crop yields are achievable. The Lower Benue Trough B.

Geology of Nigeria

Bauchi, Cross River, Kaduna, Plateau 7. These foraminiferal microfossils identified by Petters are however more common in the overlying Patti Formation where shallow marine depositional conditions are known to have prevailed more. The filtrate is then put on fire, where the water is allowed to dry leaving behind salt crystals.

In the Gombe area of the Upper Benue Trough the poorly developed coalfields occur within the Gombe Sandstone, nigeeia of Maastrichtian age.

The age of Araromi Formation is based on microfossils from the holo- and hypostratotype sections described by Okosun which indicate Campanian- late Paleocene while those in the Abeokuta Formation gave ages of late Albian late Senonian.

Work on the project reached an higeria stage and beagn to slow down since geoogy early s. This was dated by Billman as being pre-Albian to Maastrichtian. It is part of the Dahomey Basin, but exposed as a result of the influence of the river. Argillaceous units predominate in the central parts of the basin. The uppermost beds of the Maastrichtian are almost entirely argillaceous. These sandstones are well sorted, quartz arenite that are commonly interbedded with siltstones and claystones and similar bj part to the lithologies of the Patti and Enagi Formations.


Malele, Diko and Iperindo. A comparison of the sediment thicknesses in the two basins indicate that the successions of the Anambra Basin reached up to 8 km thickness compared with an average of 3. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. A field study of the same hybrid rocks led Rahaman to consider both the granites and the charnockites as either contemporaneous or the latter emplaced shortly after the former.

The abundance of woody and plant materials comprising mostly land-derived organic matter, suggests prevailing fresh water conditions.

BPE Nigerian Economy. Compositionally, the granites plot in the field of calc- alkaline rocks on the AFM diagram and although they contain significant amount of alkalis, are also often slightly corundum normative. Bauchi, Ebonyi, Plateau, Taraba