The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in in Elbert County, Georgia, .. The Georgia Guidestones Movie · The Georgia Guidestone Guidebook – Elberton Granite () · Roadside Georgia · Georgia Guidestones . The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook Published by Elberton Granite in. The Georgia Guidestones is a monument of standing stones near Elberton, Georgia. and the Georgia Guidestones were unveiled to the world on the spring.

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The Georgia Guidestones Guidebook

And Fendley’s boast that he had “put Elberton on the map” was affirmed literally in springwhen National Geographic Traveler listed the Guidestones as a feature in its Geotourism MapGuide to Appalachia.

While Dice denies any involvement in the assault, he seems to have inspired it: Some might say that the resemblance between R. Made of Pyramid blue granite, the Georgia Guidestones are meant to withstand the test of time and to communicate knowledge on several levels: I guess it is easier for the elites to manufacture consent through mass medias.

The original spelling, punctuation, and line breaks in the text have been preserved in the transcription which follows letter case is not.

The guidestones were briefly shown and discussed in the documentary film Sherman’s Marchand were featured extensively in a episode of Mysteries at the Museuma “Monumental Mysteries Special” featuring Don Wildman.

But when Christian began to describe the monument he had in mind, Fendley stopped what he was doing.

It is the most powerful agency yet released in the unfolding of life on our planet. Not to worry, if you like the Georgia Guidestone “plan”… United Nations Resolution 21 or better known as Agenda 21 is here and has been put in motion and signed by countries, including the USA. Guess what that means? goergia


Georgia Guidestones

A set of 10 guidelines ugidestones inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. The Georgia Guidestones are a modern day Rosicrucian manifesto calling for or guidesgones a drastic change in the way the world is managed.

The authors of those rules have requested to remain totally anonymous and, until now, their anonymity has been duly preserved.

It will require major changes in our attitudes and customs. Curiosity flared again briefly inwhen Yoko Ono contributed a track called “Georgia Stone” to a tribute album for avant-garde composer John Cage, with Ono chanting the 10th and final guide nearly verbatim: Let us establish proper priorities. Happy Life Children’s Home. Hall books or H. Unless deliberately depopulated, Have people really reduced themselves to such ignorance?

Georgia Guidestones – Wikipedia

Here creed and dogma will have no place; the superficial will be removed and only the essential be preserved. Inthe stones were defaced with polyurethane paint and graffiti with slogans such as “Death to the new world order”. It materializes geoegia stone the crucial link between secret societies, the world elite and the agenda for a New World Order.

Since there are three thousand living languages, not all could he chosen. That will only remove evidence of the obvious plan in place. Everything the devil does is disguised as good.

Could one of these people be the mysterious R. The older man had successfully deflected Martin’s curiosity when gelrgia two first met, by quoting Henry James’ observations of Stonehenge: Research Agenda 21, it is already being implemented right under your own noses….


Christian face-to-face—is now Including the foundation stones, the monument’s total weight was almostpounds. Supporters notable among them Yoko Ono have praised the georiga as a stirring call to rational thinking, akin to Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason. Latest News 4 months ago.

In other words, a blueprint for a New World Order. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Sadly, it’s an impossible dream because the powers that be would never accept the middle class of the western world sacrifices to elevate the poor in their own countries let alone in really poor countries because it would highlight their own selfishness against all that is moral and also because they need poor guldebook so that they can stay rich. Many of the rules of the Guidestones do make sense for the preserving of Earth on a long-term basis.

The scandal withered when The Elberton Star reported that they had both passed convincingly, but buidestones publicity brought a new wave of complaints. The Bible has many prophecies that reveal a time of great tribulation is coming upon this earth which will be kicked off by this NWO attacking religion it will proceed to destroy religion, once this is done something else will be kick started, the actual take down of the entire world system, from governments to the evil general populous of godless people.