Get Strong at the Joseki 1 has 7 ratings and 1 review: Published September 28th by Kiseido Publishing Company, pages, Paperback. K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 1 problems on josekis arising from playing the first corner move on the point. K Get Strong at Joseki, Vol. 2. Professional go players — starting with a rank of 1-dan — are also ranked by the dan 6 of the Get Strong at Go Series), with its relatively easy problems.

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Highly useful and recommended is Kage’s Secret Chronicles of Handicap Goand for a rich strnog of general problems and ideas on handicap go strategy from the viewpoint of both Black and White, Get Strong at Handicap Go makes for excellent study. A beginner is given an arbitrary rank of kyu.

Also excellent for improving tactics and fighting ability is Get Strong at Tesuji Vol. Joseki Jeongseok Compass 1.

Get Strong at the Joseki 1 by Richard Bozulich

Positions in which you must determine whether a group is alive or dead occur in almost every game, and the player whose skill at killing a group or finding the moves that will give his own group two eyes stands the better chance of staging an upset.

If you want to get strong at tesuji, it is not necessary to geg difficult problems; rather, it is more important to solve a lot of easy problems. Click here on How to Play Go to read the first two chapters.


Paperbackpages. Clark rated it really liked it Nov 03, Get Strong at the Jose A section of practice problems focusing on choosing the correct joseki given the whole board context.

Get Strong at the Joseki 1

Contains easy to intermediate problems of every type of tesuji. This work will prepare you to master the challenging problems in the three volumes of Get Strong at Josekiwhich demonstrate the kind of josekis to select in various opening patterns and how to play the follow-up moves.

In the problems in Part Three, you are asked to calculate the value of basic endgame moves, such as various hane and connection moves made on the first, second, and third lines, and the value of endgame sequences that arise from commonly played josekis. Trivia About Get Strong at the In fact, life and death is regarded as so important that apprentices studying to become go professionals are required to spend many hours each day solving life-and-death problems in order to improve their analytical abilities.

The three-volume Dictonary of Basic Joseki is the standard reference work in English on this subject.

Introduction to the 11 basic joseki focused on in this book. But creating or finding vulnerable stones, then attacking them correctly is an equally important technique and one that many amateurs are deficient in.

Get Strong at Joseki 1 by Richard Bozulich | LibraryThing

Matthew Porreca marked it as to-read May 08, A 1-dan pronounced “show-dan” is the first rank of an expert go player. Vanadiumo added it Jan 11, This often requires reading more than six moves deep and keeping a picture in your mind of the resulting positions of all variations.


These and other go-playing software can be purchased in the US at http: Get Strong at Joseki 1 Description: Kirjoittaessani josekii it Oct 12, Part Two contains life-and-death problems of positions that arise from josekis and their variants.

To read the introductory chapter. Jason Koprowski is currently reading it Jul 23, You might want to see if you can do better than the amateur and perhaps even match the professional’s result after you have studied the contents of this koseki. The endgame is a demanding subject, requiring many cunning calculations in contrast with the opening, where intuition points to the right move. Perfect for studying this is Life and DeathVol.

Get Strong at Joseki 1

This book is an ideal introduction to the field of fuseki and should be studied by every beginning player. Mumei marked it as to-read Dec 01, Ideal for this purpose is GO: Refresh and try again. It would be an exaggeration to say that most games are decided in the endgame, but for sure a great many upsets are pulled off at this strony. Fernando Torre rated it liked it Apr 02, One of the two most important skills in the endgame is the ability to calculate the value of a move.