Note: Avoid confusion with mullein, which is also referred to as goldenrod and with Antimicrobial effects: In an in vitro study, extracts of Solidago virgaurea and. In Poland European goldenrod (Solidago virgaurea L.) grows all over the essential oil composition and antimicrobial activity of wild Solidago virgaurea L. On the top of all these healing properties, Goldenrod has also high amounts Antibacterial and antimutagenic activity of extracts aboveground.

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Try it infused with honey or as a tea with honey added. Externally it can help disinfecting and healing wounds and various skin problems. Without knowing a plant very well, there are often many clues which will offer you information about what the plant can be used for.

Goodenrod is a kidney tropho-restorative toldenrod is Greek for nourishingso it both nourishes and restores balance to the kidneys. Goldenrod flowers can be made into a hydrosol, or the roots can be pounded into a poultice to soothe sore muscles. On the top of all these goleenrod properties, Goldenrod has also high amounts of antioxidants – more than green tea!! I enjoy learning about the plants that are all around me and easily accessible, a true believer that Mother Nature gives us what we need.

Health Benefits of Goldenrod

In Holistic herbal p. Anti-Fungal As an antifungal, goldenrod contains saponins and is a useful alternative for Candida type yeast infections. There are a variety of menstruums or solvents used in making herbal medicines and each one has different strengths and weaknesses as it will extract different constituents from the plant.

Sometime ago I learned that this was a myth and only a few years ago I learned how amazing this plant really is, and about all the health benefits of goldenrod. Healing Weeds – Getting a closer contact with the healing world of herbs and wild plants.

The Herbal Academy neither endorses them nor is in any way responsible for their content. The Herbal Academy makes neither medical claim, nor intends to diagnose or treat medical conditions. Goldenrod can be a lovely addition to salads or cooked greens, and the edible flowers can be used to adorn cakes in the summertime.


Many people have a similar reaction to goldenrod Solidago canadensis because they mistakenly blame it for allergies which are caused by ragweed Hymenocleaa plant that frequently grows nearby. The flowers and the leaves can be infused with oil or used as a poultice for wounds and burns. Combined with the drying effect, I know that goldenrod is good for colds, flu, candida overgrowth, urinary tract infections, and for healing coughs and drying excess phlegm.

Dialysis Unit Manual S/O 4″ Goldenrod, 3-ring Antimicrobial

However this can often be avoided by making a tincture with the root rather than the flowers. Some say it is higher in anti-oxidants than green tea!

Ingredients aerial tops of goldenrod including leaves and flowers, ideally before they begin to develop pollen apple cider vinegar Directions fill your jar with coarsely chopped goldenrod leaves and flowers fill to the top with apple cider vinegar seal the lid tightly and allow the bottle to sit in a cool, dark place for several weeks make sure to use a plastic or rubber golcenrod or place several layers of plastic between the jar and metal lid, as vinegar erodes metal.

It is also a delicious tea to use. The properties of goldenrod are similar to many other anfimicrobial While a tincture made with alcohol is excellent for extracting medicinal properties and will last longer than a vinegar, the alcohol often destroys the nutrient content of the plant.

Goldenrod vinegar makes a great nutritive and medicinal tonic which can be used for improving mineral balance, it is great for immune system function, and can help in eliminating flatulence, regulating blood sugar levels and preventing kidney stones.

She has taught many workshops on aromatherapy and enjoys sharing what she knows and has learned with others.

Infuse for 15 minutes then strain and serve. Although goldenrod pollen is not airborne and does not cause hay fever, some people have a contact allergy and may develop a rash with extensive handling of the plant. It is always interesting to observe the taste of your foods and think about how the flavours are often indicative of medicinal and nutritional properties.

Dialysis Unit Manual S/O 4″ Goldenrod, 3-ring Antimicrobial

Its astringent property calms runny eyes, runny nose, and sneezing that comes with late summer and early fall allergies. Disclosure The Herbal Academy supports trusted organizations with the use of affiliate links.


You taste the astringent bitter when it goes down. Its restorative, anti-inflammatory, tonic and cleansing properties make it one of the top herbs to aid in any kidney and bladder condition, including kidney stones, nephritis and cystitis. Readers must do their own research concerning the safety and usage of any herbs or supplements. Its flowers show all their glory when most other plants are no longer in flower, to the joy of the bees, which are delighted to feast on them.

In any case, it is a good source of the constituent rutin, a powerful flavonoid that benefits the cardiovascular system. The Skin The Latin name solidago means to make whole. Antioxidant For a period of time in the U. The aerial part of the plant is used and is harvested late summer into early fall before the flowers are in full bloom. For this post, we decided to make a goldenrod vinegar. Post a Comment Note: Bitter helps to produce bile and therefore often supports liver function.

Then check your email to find a welcome message from our Herbal Academy team with a special link to download our ” Herbal Tea Throughout The Seasons ” Ebook! De La Foret, R. Follow your directions for making these preparations. Whether you are looking to explore herbalism as a hobby or personal endeavor or preparing for a career, the Herbal Academy has designed herbalist programs to suit your path and your educational needs! The German Commission E has officially approved goldenrod for urinary and bladder inflammations.

The taste of goldenrod for example is somewhat astringent, a little spicy, and quite bitter. Typically, when I taste bitter I know to use a plant a bit more sparingly, as a medicine or nutritive tonic rather than as the main portion of my yoldenrod.

The astringent and antiseptic qualities tighten and tone the urinary system and bladder making it useful for UTI infections. I love learning the botanical names of plants because they often give you information about the plant itself.

I have used goldenrod tincture successfully for my ragweed allergies for two years.