A Shocker on Shock Street has ratings and reviews. ✨Tamara said: # 35 It’s a real dead and Marty are big horror movie buffs. They lo. On a visit to the new Shocker Studio Theme Park, Erin and Marty’s tram gets stuck in The Book – A Shocker on Shock Street by R. L. Stine. Goosebumps # Title: Goosebumps #35 – A Shocker On Shock Street, a.k.a. “Erin and Marty’s Bogus Journey” Author: R.L. Stine Cover Artist: Tim Jacobus.

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The tram goosebimps around the house a couple of times, annoying Marty until the finally go inside. I’d recommend Shocker on Shock Street easily. Post a comment Post a Comment Click here to cancel reply. I loved the ending!

The two kids absolutely love horror movies, especially the Shock Street films, because the monsters are always so gross and horrifying.

So when they get the opportunity to visit the Shocker Studio Theme Park they jump at the chance. As she is given the chance to experience the park prior to the big unveiling. Highly recommended for any kid. Eight-year-old me had exacting standards, perhaps. Me ha gustado la historia, los personajes y sobre todo el final, que me ha dejado boquiabierta. A skeleton bursts out of a nearby closet, and just as the kids enter the living room the house is plunged into darkness.

I would not have chosen this book to read, but it was given as a gift to my son and he wanted me to read it with him. A scene where the two run away from werewolves.


Apparently he’s a Dr. Erin screams out for Marty to stop running – but it’s too late. Erin is shocked speechless when she gets a good luck at the thing behind Marty. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

He congratulates the two on how scared they looked and is glad the film crew recorded it all. He shows Erin and Marty a little tram car decorated with a skull on the front. Erin’s father’s job is to design theme parks and he has designed a tour that takes you on a tram car to meet the characters from the movies face to face and down the actual set where the movies take place.

Marty gets super excited about going to the graveyard, then falls into a grave and almost dies. And Erin’s dad has great news! As she kneels, sobbing over his body, her dad approaches her.

A Shocker on Shock Street

The worm wriggles in her grip and she throws it away, wondering where the hell it came from. As the kids get inside the front tram car, Linda and Mr. As Erin cradles the dead body of shcoker jerkish friend, her dad appears in the shop.

I like to imagine this is a Thriller reference, and although we get zombies later they sadly do not perform a dance sequence. A Shocker on Shock Street by R.

Snark at the Street My Top 25 Goosebumps Episodes. What the hell is going on in this book? Evil twins, Wing and Dove, and their friends recap Point Horror and other teen genre fiction. Wow, Stine is back in full-force here! They stumble along a path until they arrive back on Shock Street. Erin tries to protest when hands burst out of the ground and start to grab the kids down.


“Goosebumps” A Shocker on Shock Street (TV Episode ) – IMDb

O Anyway, Erin’s father says Marty and Erin can be the first ones to go through the park on an automated tram. The kids take off alone in a tram car, which Erin’s dad sorry he has no name told them never to get out of while the tour is in progress. To ask other readers questions about A Shocker on Shock Streetplease sign up.

This book also talks about a dad who just works for a movie company. Still, the imagery is pretty terrifying and Stine kept the last few chapters super-charged. Oh crap it was a spider web!

I liked this book because it has some creepy parts like when they are in “The Cave of Creeps” white worms fall from the ceiling and crawl all over them, the way the book descried them creeped me out.

She mentions that the’s excited and wants to invite their mother along, to which Erin’s dad responds with a reaction that implies she may or may sbocker be buried in a crawlspace under the house.

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