Editorial Reviews. Review. Suspense builds in this novel about scientists, physics Timescape: A Novel – Kindle edition by Gregory Benford. Winner of the Nebula Award, Timescape has since become a classic of the science fiction genre, combining hard science, bold speculation, and. On the positive side, we have a clever idea that shows some of the flavor of modern mathematical physics, some positive comments about mathematics and .

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I’d much rather watch the Next Generation episode where the Enterprise is stuck in a time loop and they manage to send a message back in Data’s benforf.

There’s very little actual ‘science’ in this sci-fi, as it’s mostly characters doing things which are tangential to the main plot.

They go out to dinner.

A deserved award winner, this is a great read and I don’t read much sci fi. Don’t look for detailed answers just look for a good story where these questions stare you in the face. The females are considered best for something else. I kept picturing a big, molding orange. I wonder if it’s the first novel about that subject, then? But ttimescape good sci-fi writing a different world is a different social environment, extended by the imagination.

It reflects as badly on the award as it does on the author. Slow, with annoying characters. I think a great opportunity was missed there. Given that their sex lives had zero to do with the rest of the book, there were an awful lot of scenes of discussing sex or having sex or thinking about having or not having sex. I almost abandoned this book about two thirds of the way through. None of them are interesting enough for me to want benfrd care. The mathematics buoyed you. I will repeat that they were living in It follows a group of people in I think who need to communicate with someone in in order to save the world by changing past events.


The other time period is18 years before the book was published.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Gimescape major failure of chemical balance in the oceans, mostly caused by an overabundance of hydrocarbons, overwhelms the ecosystem and leads to a toxic ocean bloom.

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Sacha V Top Contributor: Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. This is somewhat understandable infar less gregoey in ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

It comes from the many-worlds theory of quantum physics, with the idea that alternative universes are continually being created in infinite variations, and in Timescape the scientists were trying to direct this process.

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Given the faster-than-light nature of the tachyon, these messages will effectively reach the past. The word fiction still lies in the term “hard science fiction” and I’m holding this book to the standards for fiction. A range of hypotheses formed why a physics experiment would produce coherent communications involving chemical formulas and astronomical coordinates, a large amount of speculation and skepticism—from aliens to backfiring equipment—is fomented within the scientific community.

MathFiction: Timescape (Gregory Benford)

The three main scientists in can be hard to differentiate by their dialog or behavior except one is an timesacpe sex maniac who, without furthering the plot at all, has sex with EVERY female character except his wife. With one wee exception, which I’ll detail at the end. There was just enough science in my view, described as was fitting for the advancement of the plot since key plot lines in the future and the past revolved around understanding what was possible and what it meant.


Nothing under it, he noted with approval. But as the light is going out gergory the world, the very reception of the tachyon-signal is paradoxically deflecting Gordon’s world into an alternate future in which the major horrors of the years after will indeed be averted.

Unfortunately, this weakens the already weak resolution further. After the message is finally received and acted upon, is dropped. The main character in is a painful stereotype of a Jewish New Yorker who was dating an annoyingly stereotyped Sun-kissed California surfer-girl.

Timescape – Wikipedia

Somehow nobody sees that if they were to actually prevent the bad stuff, it would create a situation where they wouldn’t even be trying to contact the past, and the paradox which they basically PROVED would happen. For me, reading this benforrd was a waste of time.

If that’s all this book did, I would have mostly loved it. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Bernsteinthe sexed-up girlfriend Pennythe trophy wife Mitsuokothe crazy old lady Heather’s motherand the bimbo Laura. A classic ‘Earth is doomed because mankind poisoned it’ that doesn’t come across as preachy. Faced with a worldwide disaster caused by biological interaction with pesticide agents, the protagonists of try desperately to contact the past world to head off environmental and societal catastrophe.

Why the overpopulated and under-employed society of the future needed to put orange vests and overalls on apes and change their DNA so grrgory could experience the wonders of wage slavery was not explained.