GridBagLayout is one of the most flexible — and complex — layout managers the Java platform provides. A GridBagLayout places components in a grid of rows. Following is the declaration for gLayout class − public class GridBagLayout extends Object implements LayoutManager2, Serializable. Component; import ner; import gConstraints; import gLayout; import ; import JButton.

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Spanning Rows and Columns. The hridbaglayout is like this: The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Antonio Aguilar 1 2 So, gridx corresponds to 1,2, The default value is zero. Removes the specified component from this layout. The relationship between insets and padding can be confusing. Always assign at least 1 to width and vridbaglayout You can set the following GridBagConstraints instance variables:.

Setting either of these to the constant REMAINDER says that the component should be the last item in its row or column and, therefore, should occupy all the remaining space.

To put space between buttons 4 and 5, we used insets to add a minimum of 10 pixels above button 5, and we made button 5 hug the bottom edge of its cell.


Because the second button and the panel share the same prevailing row, they are both aligned along their baseline. You’ll see a more detailed example in the next section. GridBagLayoutDemo has two components that span multiple columns buttons 4 and 5. The overall orientation of the grid depends on the container’s ComponentOrientation property.

Using GridBagConstraints : GridBagConstraints « Swing « Java Tutorial

There’s also an anchor functionthat is used to indicate where the object should start. JLabels that will be only be used once should be declared inside the constructor, because when the javz finishes running, the variables that were declared don’t exist any more. This hashtable maintains the association between a component and its gridbag constraints. This layout consists of three components: Lays ajva the specified container using this grid bag layout.

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Now, there’s one method I want to show you that’s very useful. Instead of invoking methods on a GridBagConstraints gridbaglayoout, you manipulate its instance variables, as described in Specifying Constraints. This is because when the weight is 0. GridBagLayoutInfo info This method is obsolete and supplied for backwards compatability only; new code should call getMinSize instead. This is because only button 5 has weighty greater than zero. Extra area in the grid rows and columns can be parceled out according to the weight constraints of the components.


Extra space tends to go toward the rightmost column and bottom row. This is how each anchor will be positioned in the JFrame.

SWING GridBagLayout Class

Values that are different from those in the previous table entry are marked in italics. Generally weights are specified with 0. However, because these components occupy more than one cell, GridBagLayout divides their weight among the ranks rows or columns that they span. Gridbaglyout Tutorial’s examples used to specify the constraints object a different gridbaglayiut, which you might see in other programs as well.

This is partly for clarity, but it can be a handy technique when you want to add a number of components in a row or column.