Few entrepreneurs can claim to have actually changed the way we live, but Ray Kroc is one of them. His revolutions in food service automation, franchising. The founder of the McDonald’s hamburger chain tells of his early business ventures and his success in developing a single restaurant in Illinois into an. A replica of Ray Kroc’s first McDonald’s franchise 14 April, is seen in The film is based on Kroc’s memoir Grinding It Out: The Making of.

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Book ratings by Goodreads.

May 05, David Rosage rated it it was amazing. Not your typical self-madetycoon, Kroc was 52 when he met the McDonald brothers and opened his first franchise.

Grinding it Out : The Making of Mcdonalds

An inspiration to those who haven’t yet become lucky yet. He was more focused on making McDonalds the best it could be then making it better. There grindong tones of loneliness in this book and his most frequent companion is work, which is his true love.

He started his business career selling paper cups. Throughout the course of his life, Kroc adapted gribding business sense into his only sense, and only those strong enough to endure his passion for business would remain in his life.

Kroc visits ouf restaurant in Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I thought it would be inspiring to read Ray Crocs story and how he became such an icon in the franchising business.

Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s by Ray Kroc

The janitor would arrive at the same time I did, and if there was nothing else to be done, I’d help him. The first thing you have to sell is yourself. Nov 26, Hansel rated it it was amazing. The Making Of McDonald’s.

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But even more interesting than Ray Kroc the business legend is Ray Kroc the man. Starting with a small restaurant in San Bernardino into an international operation with over 4, sites inthis book shows the rapid growth of McDonalds told by the man vrinding its helm. View the Lesson Plans. He ends up going above and beyond to find out why and does. But even more interesting than Ray Kroc the business legend is Ray Kroc the man.

Where this is no risk, there can be no pride in achievement and, consequently, no happiness. This book adds another dimension to the McDonald’s story that the movie does not do complete justice too.

The agreement gave me 1. Surprised because a the basic story is now so well-known — how Kroc took a good basic premise from the McDonald brothers and built it into a food juggernaut.

It reads at times with an air of gay, and he glossed over some questionable acts such as his backstabbing move against the McDonald brothers. That requirement for perfection is seen throughout the book as Kroc continues to build the McDonalds empire by investing his own capital in to it, taking risks, bringing the right people in even when at times he couldn’t afford them but convinced them to believe in his vision then later rewarding them handsomely.

Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s

Kroc begins by writing about his humble beginnings and his obsession with business and making good deals. It’s ha I was surprised how engaging I found this short, entertaining biography. You’ll never forget Ray Kroc. Nevertheless, watch the company grow and grindingg about how excited trinding were for the “new” look of the McDonalds stores in the 70s when they all had those red mansard roofs reminded me of how my local McDonalds looked as a kid, where we rat used to go on Halloween night to have our candy scanned by the local police.


We were barely able to meet our payrolls in corporate headquarters” The solution was to switch the pay period from weekly to bimonthly Achievement must be made against the possibility of failure, against the risk of defeat.

Grindiing was relentless, created a decentralized command structure, and paid attention to the details. It rya a lot of time, energy, and personal sacrifice to make the restaurant into the giant it is today. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. In the end Ray Kroc became a very wealthy man but you get from this book that he didn’t really care too much about that. I kind of wish I had been able to try their fries back whe I’m not really sure how this book ended up in my to-read pile, but it was short and so I grabbed it for a recent plane trip.

What you see in put story is a visionary at work and the steps that were taken to maximize that vision to it’s fullest potential. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. It is however a great look into what drove ever aspect of the McDonald’s experience.

Grinding It Out Summary & Study Guide

And it made me take a fresh look at the various I I’ve seen driving around lately. Kroc was a complex man that had generated much good in his time, but broadly ignores or represses the externalities of his actions.

Where he started as salesman, then distributor. Chapter 4 and Chapter 5.