The GTK TreeView widget is used to display data in one of the most basic and intuitive ways possible: a list. Each row in the list can be separated into multiple. ew has a main CSS node with name treeview and style It has a subnode with name header, which is the parent for all the column header. public class Application: { public Application () { // Prepare Gtk. Window: = “My ew”; _position = Gtk. WindowPosition.

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Converts tree coordinates coordinates in full scrollable area of the tree to widget coordinates. Returns The expander column. If column is NULLthe x and width fields will be filled with 0. Pick the 5th child of that row. Fixed height mode speeds up GtkTreeView by assuming that all rows have the same height. Please note that editing can only happen when the widget is realized.

X coordinate relative to the bin window. Returns Whether the headers are visible or not. Note that this way you can construct and operate on tree paths that refer to rows that do not exist in model or view!

If the treeview already has a model set, this treeiew will remove it before setting the new model. This is useful when you want to focus the user’s attention on a particular row. Coordinates relative to the window that GtkTreeView renders to. TRUEif the user can search interactively. Returns the column that is the current expander column.


This will not work, because the model is changed from within the foreach loop, which might suddenly invalidate formerly valid tree iters in the foreach function, and thus lead to unpredictable results. Trewview that column refers to a column of the current model. Return location for the drop position, or NULL. This will also expand all parent rows of path as necessary.

The filename would be stored in treeviea 0 of the model, and the file size would be stored in column 1 of the model. If True enable selection of multiple items by dragging the mouse pointer.

Convenience function that inserts a new column into the GtkTreeView with the given cell renderer and a GtkTreeCellDataFunc to set cell renderer attributes normally treeveiw data from the model.

Destroy notifier for dataor NULL. Please note that editing can only happen when the widget is realized. This image is used for a drag icon. Returns the currently used compare function for the search code.

GTK+ By Example/Tree View/Tree Models – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

It should be fairly simple to write a helper function that provides this functionality though once you have read this section. Sets a user function for determining where a column may be dropped when dragged. TRUE if the tree requires reading across rows. ListStore as a model. If path is NULLor points to a node not found in the tree, the y and height fields of the rectangle will be filled with 0. The theme is responsible for drawing rows using zebra striping.

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A GtkTreeViewColumn gto one side of column. It is meant for private use by ATK for determining the number of visible children that are removed when the user collapses a row, or a row is deleted. An empty tree path string would specify that imaginary invisible root.

TreeIter by calling Gtk. If model is Noneit will unset the old model. Return location for start of region, or NULL. If func is Noneno separators will be drawn.

GTK+ By Example/Tree View/Tree Models

True if the headers are visible. They can also be chained with Gtk. You can get the depth i. For example if path is None and column is set, the tip area will be set to the full area covered by column.